Parents of CSHCN were asked whether or not a list of potential difficulties had impeded their efforts to obtain services for their children. Parents were asked about each of these reasons individually, so each child may experience more than one of these potential barriers to services.

The reason most frequently reported for unmet need for services is waiting lists, backlogs, or other problems getting appointments, which was reported to be a problem for 17.8 percent of CSHCN. For 14.9 percent of CSHCN, issues related to the cost of services caused difficulty in obtaining services. For 11.2 percent of CSHCN, the fact that services were not available in their area presented a barrier, and for 10.8 percent, the child was not eligible for services that he or she needed.

Overall, the parents of 38.3 percent of children reported that they were sometimes, usually, or always frustrated in their efforts to obtain services for their children. This frustration is felt most often on behalf of uninsured children; the parents of 26.8 percent of uninsured CSHCN reported that they usually or always experienced this frustration, compared to 6.1 percent of privately insured children.

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