Services were considered to be organized for easy use by families if parents did not report any of the barriers to care, and if they did not report that they were usually or always frustrated in their efforts to obtain services for their children. Overall, 65.1 percent of CSHCN achieved this outcome. Again, this finding cannot be compared to those reported in previous rounds of the survey.

Children whose conditions never affect their daily activities are the most likely to report that services are organized for easy use. Of CSHCN whose conditions never affect their activities, 80.4 percent met this objective, compared to 45.9 percent of CSHCN whose conditions consistently affect their daily lives.

Uninsured children were particularly unlikely to report that services are organized for easy use, with only 30.5 percent achieving this outcome. Of children with private insurance 71.8 percent achieved the outcome, and 59.9 percent of those with public insurance did so.

Barriers to care:

  • Child Was Not Eligible for Services
  • Services Not Available in My Area
  • Waiting Lists, Backlogs, or Other Problems Getting Appointments
  • Issues Related to Cost
  • Trouble Getting the Information Needed
  • Any Other Reason

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