For each service that a child needed, parents were asked if their child received all of the care that he or she needed. Overall, nearly one quarter of CSHCN (23.6 percent) did not receive at least one service that they needed, and 8.8 percent did not receive more than one needed service. The service most commonly reported as needed but not received was mental health care or counseling, which was reported as needed but not received by 5.6 percent of CSHCN. Other common unmet needs were for dental care (5.4 percent), specialty therapies (4.7 percent), and specialty medical care (4.3 percent).

Low-income and uninsured children are the most likely not to receive all of the services they need. Of children in poverty, nearly one-third (33.1 percent) had at least one unmet need among the 14 services listed, compared to 12.3 percent of children with family incomes of 400 percent of poverty or more. Likewise, over half (55.7 percent) of uninsured children had at least one unmet need, compared to 16.7 percent of CSHCN with private insurance.

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