The survey asked parents of CSHCN about a list of 20 specific health conditions. For each condition, parents were asked if their child currently had the condition, and if their child had the condition at some point but does not currently have the condition. This list does not, of course, include all possible conditions that CSHCN might have, and children may have more than one condition.

Overall, 87.7 percent of CSHCN were reported to have at least one condition on the list. More than one-fourth (28.0 percent) currently have two conditions from the list, and an additional 12.5 percent have three conditions. Allergies (not including food allergies) were reported by nearly half of CSHCN (48.6 percent). Other commonly reported current conditions were asthma (35.3 percent), ADD/ADHD (30.2 percent), and developmental delay (17.6 percent).

It is important to note that these percentages represent the percent of CSHCN who have these conditions, not the prevalence of the conditions in the population as a whole.

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