The number of days of school a child misses during the school year is another measure of the impact of a child’s condition on his or her ability to function as other children do. In general, the average child misses 3 days of school due to acute conditions. In comparison, among school-aged CSHCN, the average is 6.7 school days (including absences for both chronic and acute conditions). However, this average is affected by a relatively small group of children who miss many school days: 15.5 percent of CSHCN miss 11 or more school days, while just under half (48.8 percent) miss 3 or fewer days. Children with lower family income levels were more likely to miss more days of school due to illness. Of CSHCN whose family incomes were below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), 22.0 percent missed 11 or more days of school due to illness, compared to 11.0 percent of CSHCN whose family incomes were 400 percent of the FPL or more.

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