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Keeping Children Safe

In the United States, injury is the leading cause of death for children. We want to figure out why this happens and find ways to protect kids. 

What we focus on

We have five programs. Each aims to prevent injuries and deaths. 

  1. Bullying Prevention
  2. Children’s Safety Network
  3. National Fetal, Infant, and Child Death Review Program
  4. Poisoning Prevention 
  5. Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) Prevention 

How our programs help kids

We work with diverse groups to improve data, programs, and policies. This helps reduce childhood injuries, hospital visits, and deaths. 


  • Support local- and state-level prevention efforts.
  • Educate public health specialists, medical professionals, communities, families, and more.
  • Increase access to resources (for example, webinars, research papers, trainings, data, and facts sheets).
  • Improve how to collect and use data. 

Ways we address the issue

  • Learning why children get injured
  • Providing tools to prevent injuries
  • Collecting and using data
  • Responding to emerging issues (example: mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic) 
  • Making sure kids from all backgrounds have the same chance to be healthy and safe 

Contact us

Candace Webb, M.P.H., M.C.H.E.S.
Adolescent Health Branch Chief

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