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Children’s Safety Network

Preventing injury is a priority for Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant programs. The Children’s Safety Network helps Title V agencies reduce child injury, hospital visits, and deaths. They do this by using proven strategies. 

This is one of our programs that help keep children safe

What does the Children’s Safety Network do? 

What's the Child Safety Learning Collaborative?

The Child Safety Learning Collaborative allows Title V agencies to learn from, and work with injury prevention experts. Together, they improve injury related public health programs, policies, and practices. 

What public health efforts do they work on?

  • Preventing SUID, bullying, suicide and self-harm.
  • Improving motor vehicle traffic safety. This includes child passenger safety and teen driver safety. 

What’s their impact?

States in the last learning collaborative increased the number of

  • People who received information about Poison Control Centers 
  • Schools and groups who:
    • Educated on teen driver safety
    • Offered programs to prevent bullying
    • Trained others on being aware of, and preventing, suicide
  • Parents and caregivers in underserved communities and hospitals who learned about safe sleep practices
  • Child passenger safety technicians trained
  • Child safety seats that technicians inspected 

Who carries out the work?

Through a cooperative agreement, we work together with Education Development Center to design the program and activities. 

Where can I get details about this funding?

Access the closed Notice of Funding Opportunity, HRSA-23-080

Contact us

Email Diane Pilkey, Registered Nurse, M.P.H.

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