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We invest in programs & initiatives to improve the health of mothers, children, and their families. Many projects produce resources that help maternal and child health specialists do their work better.

Explore the investments in the A-Z alphabetized list. Use the bar to search by topic or keywords.

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Bright Futures

HRSA MCHB Bright Futures program aims to give doctors the best guidelines for providing children with an efficient and comprehensive well-child visit.

Bullying Prevention

Prevent bullying with MCHB’s research, guidance, and resources. Read about our work with the Federal Partners in Bully Prevention (FPBP) group.

Catalyst for Infant Health Equity

Aims to reduce infant mortality and decrease disparities in infant mortality across racial and ethnic groups by addressing the root causes

Challenge Prize Competitions

Series of cash prize competitions (the latest being our P4 Challenge in 2021) that spur innovations and solutions for better health