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Boston University Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health
MCH Training Program: Centers of Excellence in MCH Education, Science and Practice
Grantee: Boston University School of Public Health Sciences
Project Director: Lois McCloskey
Location: Boston, MA
Region: 1

Brown Leadership Education in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
MCH Training Program: Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
Grantee: Rhode Island Hospital
Project Director: Pamela C High, MD
Location: Providence, RI
Region: 1

Children's Hospital Boston LEND Program
MCH Training Program: LEND
Grantee: Children's Hospital of Boston
Project Director: David T. Helm, PhD
Location: Boston, MA
Region: 1

Community Asthma Initiative Replication in New Communities
MCH Training Program: Healthy Tomorrows
Grantee: Children's Hospital Corporation
Project Director: Elizabeth R. Woods, MD, MPH, FAAP
Location: Boston, MA
Region: 1

COR Project in Washington County, RI
MCH Training Program: Collaborative Office Rounds
Grantee: University of Rhode Island
Project Director: Ellen Flannery-Schroeder, PhD, ABPP
Location: Kingston, RI
Region: 1

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