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Arkansas Regional Leadership and Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Project
MCH Training Program: LEND
Grantee: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Project Director: Eldon Schulz, MD
Location: Little Rock, AR
Region: 6

Central Texas Maternal and Child Health Program
MCH Training Program: MCH Public Health Catalyst Program
Grantee: Texas A&M University Health Science Center
Project Director: Brandie Taylor, Ph.D.
Location: College Station, TX
Region: 6

Healthy Tomorrows Tulsa County
MCH Training Program: Healthy Tomorrows
Grantee: Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa
Project Director: Jan Figart
Location: Tulsa, OK
Region: 6

Louisiana Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LA LEND)
MCH Training Program: LEND
Grantee: Lousiana State University HSC
Project Director: Philip. Wilson, Ph.D.
Location: New Orleans, LA
Region: 6

MCH Student Training for Academic Readiness and Success (MCH STARS)
MCH Training Program: MCH Pipeline
Grantee: Baylor College of Medicine
Project Director: Hamisu Salihu, M.D., Ph.D.
Location: Houston, TX
Region: 6

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