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MCH Training Grantee Network

Below are the current collaborative web sites of the MCH Training Grantee Network. The MCH Training Grantee Network provides grantees of the HRSA/MCHB Training Program with technical support and services including web development, collaboration tools, and technical assistance. Our project is designed to meet these needs by creating a family of grantee-group oriented web sites as requested and time-permitting. In addition to creating these group-specific web sites, we also provide a number of services including, eLearning systems, email discussion groups (aka listservs), discussion forums, and other collaboration tools. Visit the MCH Training Grantee Network for additional information.

Training Program Grantees

  • MCH Training Grantee Network
    Main web site of the MCH Training Grantee Network. Provides information on services and technical support offered to grantees of the MCH Training Program.

    Web Site: http://www.mchtraining.net Exit Disclaimer

  • Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics (DBP)
    Enhances the behavioral, psychosocial, and developmental aspects of general pediatric care. The programs support fellows in behavioral pediatrics to help prepare them for leadership roles as teachers, researchers, and clinicians.

    Web Site: http://dbp.mchtraining.net Exit Disclaimer

  • Leadership and Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH)
    Prepares professionals from a variety of health care disciplines to be leaders in clinical care, research, public health policy, and advocacy as it relates to adolescent health.

    Web Site: http://leah.mchtraining.net Exit Disclaimer

  • Nutrition
    Promotes public health nutrition for children, adolescents women, and families by providing graduate training to nutritionists and registered dietitians. In addition, short-term training focused on clinical and public health approaches to maternal and child nutrition is provided to professionals from a variety of fields.

    Web Site: http://nutrition.mchtraining.net Exit Disclaimer

  • Leadership Competencies
    Workgroup web site for MCH Leadership Competencies.

    Web Site: http://leadership.mchtraining.net Exit Disclaimer

  • LEND
    Trains future leaders in a variety of disciplines to improve the health of children who have or are at risk of developing neurodevelopmental disabilities or other similar conditions such as autism and mental retardation.

    Web Site: http://www.aucd.org/template/page.cfm?id=6 Exit Disclaimer

    • University of California at Children's Hospital Los Angeles
      University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)

      Web Site: http://uscucedd.org Exit Disclaimer
  • Pediatric Pulmonary Centers (PPC)
    Prepares health professionals to develop or improve community-based, family-centered health care for children with chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

    Web Site: http://ppc.mchtraining.net Exit Disclaimer

Schools of Public Health

  • University of Illinois Chicago School of Public Health - Maternal and Child Health Program
    Web Site: http://uic.edu/sph/mch/ Exit Disclaimer

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