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History and Roots of MCH

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The dramatic improvements in children’s health that we have witnessed in this century have occurred because people made them happen—people with skills, knowledge, and dedication. MCHB celebrates its rich history and is dedicated to assuring that current students of maternal and child health appreciate the contributions of those who preceded them.

  • MCH History Slides, MCH Glossary and Overview of MCH Legislation

  • MCH Timeline: History, Legacy and Resources for Education and Practice, traces the history of maternal and child health in the U.S., provides in-depth modules on topics such as MCH 101, MCH Systems of Care, Infant Mortality and MCH Performance and Accountability, and allows you to search for topical areas of interest.

    We hope that the site will be used as an orientation tool for those new to the MCH profession, for grantees of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and MCH students. We also hope that those with experience in the field will find it a rich resource and a source of inspiration. This site will be continuously updated. Planned enhancements include: interviews of MCH leaders about historical events, links to digitized historical documents in the MCH Library, and additional in depth modules. Please contact Laura Kavanagh,, with any suggestions.

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