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Schools of Public Health

Schools of Public Health

MCH Section: Most Outstanding Student-Authored Paper

Laura Kavanagh and Holly Grason

A consulting team from the Fall 2013 class presented their work at APHA this year and received Most Outstanding Student-Authored Paper from the MCH Section for “Challenges in homeless health care: Improving reproductive health services for homeless women.” Thank you to Dr. Summer Bartholomew and the BHCHP family team for hosting the student team!

Integrating Women’s Health into Schools of Public Health Curricula

Integrating Women’s Health into Schools of Public Health Curricula

Addressing health challenges faced by women and girls is essential for healthy communities and a healthy society. Doing so requires concerted efforts to train the next generation of public health leaders.   Schools of public health are working to integrate women’s health into their core curricula.  The Maternal and Child Health Bureau, in collaboration with the HRSA Office of Women’s Health, competitively funded 5 schools of public health to supplement their  5-year MCHB Leadership Education in Maternal and Child Health Training grant. The supplemental funding supported programs to develop and test innovative, mentored women’s health-related projects aimed at improving graduate student understanding of women’s health, and supporting institutional commitment to women’s health. This brief offers a snapshot of the processes and outcomes of the 5 projects, with the hope that their experiences might inform efforts at other schools of public health in advancing women’s health within their curriculum.

Download the PDF Integrating Women’s Health into Schools of Public Health Curricula Exit Disclaimer

MCH Schools of Public Health Develop Technical Assistance Graphic

The 13 schools of public health with Title V-funded Maternal and Child Health (MCH) graduate training programs have developed two documents describing the technical assistance provided to State and local Title V programs and related MCH initiatives in communities, states and regional groups.

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