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A Bibliography of Distance Learning Products

Web Address: A Bibliography of Distance Learning Products

Grantee Institution: Georgetown University
MCH Training Program: Distance Learning
Product Category: Training Materials and Strategies

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John T. Richards
Box 571168 Public Policy Institute NCEMCH, 37th & O Streets, NW, Washington, DC 20057-2292
(202) 784-9772
Email: richarjt@georgetown.edu

Product Description

A bibliography of distance learning products, (Not a Government Website) has been compiled by Bright Futures at Georgetown University, the MCH Library, and the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center to assist MCH Training grantees in the development of distance learning materials. This list has its beginning as background material to the "Technology to Improve Training: Web-Based and Distance Learning" roundtable at the HRSA/MCHB All Grantee Meeting, October 2004. These resources are not meant to be exhaustive, but highlight the key topics in distance learning as well as Web site design, usability, and accessibility as it related to MCH training. If you have suggested resources to include on the list, please email John Richards at richarjt@georgetown.edu.

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