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Recent Advances in the Genetics of Autism

Web Address: Recent Advances in the Genetics of Autism

Grantee Institution: University of Minnesota
MCH Training Program: MCH Nutrition
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Mary T. Story
Epidemiology and Community Health, 1300 South Second Street, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55454-1087
(612) 626-8801
Email: story@epi.umn.edu

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Article addressing the obstacles that have confronted gene discovery efforts and reviews recent linkage, cytogenetic, and candidate gene association studies relevant to autism spectrum disorders. Includes discussion of promising avenues for future research and the potential contribution of emerging genomic technologies. Source: Recent Advances in the Genetics of Autism. Abha R. Gupta, Matthew W. State Biological Psychiatry 15 February 2007 (Vol. 61, Issue 4, Pages 429-437)

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