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Addressing Health Disparities through Dental-Medical Collaborations Part III: Leadership for the Public Good

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Grantee Institution: University of Washington
MCH Training Program: Centers of Excellence in MCH Education, Science and Practice
Product Category: Other

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Colleen Huebner
Maternal and Child Health Program, 1959 NE Pacific Street F-351 Health Services Center Box 357230, Seattle, WA 98195-7230
(206) 685-9852
Email: colleenh@u.washington.edu

Product Description

Discussion of changes needed in dental and medical training to better address oral health disparities. Addresses value of local or state-specific data, the need for partnerships with key stakeholders, and the role of financial incentives in leveraging change. Source: Mouradian, WE. J Dent Educ. 68(5): 505-512 2004

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