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Northwest Bulletin: Family and Child Health

Web Address: Northwest Bulletin: Family and Child Health

Grantee Institution: University of Washington
MCH Training Program: Centers of Excellence in MCH Education, Science and Practice
Product Category: Other

Product Contact(s):

Deborah Shattuck
Maternal and Child Health Program
F351 Health Sciences Building
Box 357230
Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 543-4574
Email: shattuck@u.washington.edu

Product Description

The Northwest Bulletin: Family and Child Health provides current information about issues related to the health and health care of children and families in the Northwest region of the United States (Region 10). Each issue contains an editorial, articles, state reports, and a list of resources, all focused on a particular issue affecting women and children, such as preterm births, postpartum depression, immunization, oral health, and obesity.

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