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Northwest Bulletin - Military Family Health

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Grantee Institution: University of Washington
MCH Training Program: Centers of Excellence in MCH Education, Science and Practice
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Deborah Shattuck
Maternal and Child Health Program
F351 Health Sciences Building
Box 357230
Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 543-4574
Email: shattuck@u.washington.edu

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Multiple deployments over nine years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq have created unprecedented challenges for United States military families.The summer 2010 issue of the Northwest Bulletin: Family and Child Health focuses on the impact of deployment on children's mental health, and the services and programs available to support military families in the Northwest region (Region X). ***Sandy Bodner in the editorial describes the impact of deployment on children's mental health and list gaps in services for all military families, but especially military reserve and National Guard families.***Tsigeweini Asgedom Tessema, Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, and Mary Undercoffler describe three promising initiatives designed to strengthen coping skills of military children with deployed parents.***School transition issues top the list of military families' concerns. Dixie Grunenfelder and Dan Bissonnette describe services in Washington State that support military children in schools, including programs that help families new to the state and specialized teacher and staff trainings. ***Sarah Reed and Diane Pilkey report the results of two questions related to military families added to the Washington State's 2008 Healthy Youth Survey.***Nurit Fischler describes the services that support Oregon State's military families, including the Returning Veteran's Project, which connects veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns and their families with allied health professionals providing free, confidential services. These services are especially needed as Oregon has no militaryinstallation to serve returning veterans and these families are often widely dispersed throughout the state.In addition, there are also two short articles, one describing military health care benefits for families with children with special developmental needs, and the other describing behavioral health resources available to families at military installations.

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