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Grant Status: Completed

Grant Title: ASU Maternal and Child Health Pipeline Training Program

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Project Director(s):

Valda Montgomery
Regents of the University of California
College of Health Sciences 915 S Jackson St
Montgomery, AL  36104
Phone: (334) 229-8818
FAX: (334) 229-8838
Email: vmontgomery@alasu.edu


The decline of a racially diverse healthcare workforce contributes to racial inequalities and inequitites in healthcare. This project promotes the development of culturally diverse and representative MCH professionals.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Enroll a cadre of undergraduates in a training program that engages them in courses and activities designed to develop skills, commitment and passion for working with women and children. Objective 1: Admit 20 undergraduate students from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds to the ASU Pipeline Training Program each year. Objective 2: One hundred percent of the active Pipeline graduates will be fully prepared to apply annually for admission to graduate/professional programs that train individuals to work with maternal and child health clientele. Objective 3: ASU Pipeline Training Program trainees will complete the required Summer Academy activities with a participation rate of at least 85% annually. Goal 2: Engage the undergraduate students in intense year-long series of courses ultimately leading to an undergraduate certificate in MCH. Objective 1: Develop an undergraduate certificate program in MCH, approved by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE). Objective 2: Develop and implement the Pipeline Training Leadership Institute (PTLI) that offers college credit, approved by the University's Curriculum and Academic Affairs Office. Objective 3: To strengthen the academic profile of the trainees through partnerships for the purpose of developing a pipeline for professional program admissions that provides supplemental summer enrichment programs or clinical internship opportunities.


The goal and objectives of this grant will be met through a variety of activities which are listed below: academic advising, interactions with mentors, monthly seminars, MCH resources, workshops, field trips, observation of practicing clinicians, the summer academy, tutoring for academically challenging courses, portfolio development, cultural competency, and the intense courses for the undergraduate certificate in MCH. The program will also include a leadership training institute and the Life Course Model.


This project is collaborating with the University of Alabama at Birmingham's MCH long-term training programs. The ASU program will serve as a pipeline to UAB's graduate MCH programs. UAB MCH program faculty will teach a introductory public health course to the pipeline trainees. Area hospitals and clinics will serve as observation sites for pipeline trainees. Additionally, ASU will partner with Children's Rehabilitation Services and the Alabama Department of Public Health


The project will be evaluated using formative and summative data. Some of the specific evaluation tools that will be used are: focus groups, online surveys, journaling, career inventories, mentor evaluation forms, generic behaviors assessment, and portfolio assessment. The results of the data will be analyzed to identify the program strengths and weaknesses, so pertinent modifications to increase student and program outcomes will be made.

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