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Grant Status: Completed

Grant Title: Nutrition Leadership Education Excellence in Pediatrics

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Project Director(s):

Donna Lockner, PhD
MSCO5 3040
Ind, Family, Community Education Nutrition/Dietetics Program
MSC05 3180
University of New Mexico
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM  87131-0001
Phone: (505) 277-8932
FAX: (505) 277-8361
Email: dlockner@unm.edu


New Mexico/surrounding states have very poor indicators of maternal & child well being with imited availability of pediatric nutritionists. This project will provide graduate students/practitioners with education & training to improve health of women & children using culturally competent skills.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: NM Nutrition LEEP will maintain graduate program integrating MS degree/ Dietetic Internship/NM MCH LEND with emphasis on pediatric nutrition,dietetics practice,leadership,cultural competence,research. Objective 1: Recruit trainees with outreach to persons representing minority populations. Objective 2: Update curriculum as indicated by research findings/national trends to include nutritional needs of all children/women; research methodology; health care infrastructure; current competency statements for entry-level dietitians by CADE (ADA) to maintain accreditation of DI. Objective 3: All trainees will complete the CADE/ADA accredited dietetic internship, the interdisciplinary team leadership training through the NM LEND program and the MS degree in Nutrition. Goal 2: The NM Nutrition LEEP program will provide experiences for all trainees that focus on pediatric nutrition services delivered in multi-cultural settings. Objective 1: Each trainee will complete supervised practice rotations that focus on provision of nutrition services for children, adolescents and women. Objective 2: Each trainee will complete all supervised practice rotations in facilities providing services to a multi-cultural clientele, typical of the diverse cultural setting of New Mexico. Goal 3: The NM Nutrition LEEP faculty and trainees will be engaged in research in the following areas: pediatric nutrition, cultural competence and systems change. Objective 1: All trainees will complete a research project focusing on pediatric nutrition services as part of requirements for completion of the MS Degree in Nutrition. Objective 2: Faculty will participate in research in the areas of pediatric nutrition, cultural competence, provision of nutritional services and/or leadership. Goal 4: The NM Nutrition LEEP program will utilize program planning methodology to provide continuing education for health professionals within the region. Objective 1: The program faculty will use existing data and conduct surveys as required to determine needs for continuing education, including modality of delivery. Objective 2: The program faculty will develop, implement, evaluate and annually revise a plan to deliver continuing education and technical assistance to health professionals. Objective 3: Provide continuing education opportunities for health care professionals including a regional conference on Cultural Considerations of Nutrition.


Trainees complete graduate courses to prepare them to provide culturally appropriate nutritional services to women and children. In addition, they complete supervised practice rotations in a variety of multicultural settings, such as inpatient pediatric care, school nutrition programs, WIC clinics, other Title V clinics, special needs clinics and non-pediatric hospital settings. In the second year, leadership training with the NM Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) program is completed. Trainees complete a research project focusing on pediatric nutrition, write a publishable paper and give an oral presentation on the project. Upon completion of the program, trainees meet requirements for a MS in Nutrition and eligibility to take the Registration Examination for Dietitians. In conjunction with the MCHB Nutrition Grantee Meeting, a regional conference "Celebrating Diversity: The Role of Culture in Food Choices, Physical Activity and Obesity" was presented on April 28, 2006 in Albuquerque, New Mexico to provide continuing educaiton for health care professionals.


NM TitleV Collaborative(NM MCHB projects):grant development, advisory committee, trainee experiences, conference planning. LEND: leadership training, conference planning. UNM Ped. Pulmonary Cnt: Advisory Committee, applicant selection, trainee experiences, conference planning. Baylor Univ: Adolescent Health Leadership Education, clinical. UNM MPH Program: courses. UNM Children's Hospital Pediatrics Dept:clinical, research. WIC and Indian Health Service: conference planning.


Recruitment efforts/results documented.Review of curriculum by nutrition faculty, advisory committee & trainees.Trainee completion of requirements for DI, NM LEND leadership training, MS degree, multicultural/pediatric supervised practice rotations, faculty approved research projects, manuscripts/oral examination process. Faculty involvement in research projects. Analysis of survey results. Analysis of "Celebrating Diversity" conference evaluations to identify continuing education needs.

Experience to Date:

Recruitment was accomplished through ADA/NM Nutrition LEEP websites, and through materials sent to Hispanic Serving/Minority Institutions, Tribal Colleges & Historically Black Colleges. Trainee application process included committee review, telephone interviews and participation in national computer matching. Faculty reviewed curriculum considering student evaluation, faculty assessment, and professional accreditation standards. Faculty attended regional/national conferences to review national trends & research findings. Two trainees completed Year 2, including the Dietetic Internship, NM LEND training, & requirements for the MS degree in Nutrition. Both trainees conducted research on Vietnamese infant feeding practices, and results will be submitted for publication. Two trainees in Year 1 completed required coursework and have made substantial progress on research projects. Faculty have been involved in the trainee research activities, as well as research in other areas related to pediatric nutrition, cultural competence & provision of nutrition services. Continuing education was provided for health care professionals through an audio seminar, a video conference and a day-long regional conference "Celebrating Diversity: The Role of Culture in Food Choices, Physical Activity and Obesity" which was attended by 162 participants.

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