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Funded Projects

Grant Status: Completed

Grant Title: Center for MCH Social Work Education

Web Site: University of Maryland, Baltimore Project Exit Disclaimer

Project Director(s):

Edward Pecukonis, Ph.D.
University of Maryland, Baltimore
School of Social Work
515 W. Lombard St.
Baltimore, MD  21201-1602
Phone: (410) 706-7533
FAX: (410) 706-6046
Email: epecukon@ssw.umaryland.edu


The project provides MCH training to master level social workers,doctoral fellows and post graduate Social Workers.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Within five years, to graduate (30) long-term MSW leadership trainees, (10) will be enrolled in the MSW/MPH program, jointly sponsored with the John's Hopkins School of Public Health Objective 1: Leadership trainees will attend at least 20 or (twice per month) leadership training seminars. bjective 2: Leadership trainees will develop a winter mini-semester course on an MCH topic that provides training to 35 interdisciplinary professionals from the University of Maryland Baltimore campus. Objective 3: All graduating leadership trainees will apply for a post MSW fellowship i.e. federally sponsored presidential management internship Goal 2: Within five years to recruit and train 95 additional medium term MSW trainees specializing in maternal and child health social work, at least one-fifth (20%) of whom will be members of minority groups Objective 1: Each year at least 19 MCH social work students will successfully complete required course work associated with this area of sub-specialization. (21 total course credits) Objective 2: Each year 19 Students will complete MCH field placements for their advanced year of training.(three full days per week internship for a total of 12 credits) andFour or 20% of the 19 MCH social work students will be from minority groups Goal 3: Within five years to recruit and graduate (6) University of Maryland doctoral fellows, completing a two year fellowship preparing them for research and teaching careers in maternal and child health. Objective 1: Doctoral fellow will serve as classroom instructors for MCH SOWK 789 research practicum for long term MCH social work trainees. Doctoral fellow will serve as supervisor of leadership trainee's development of their interdisciplinary mini-semester project and community service project. Objective 2: Doctoral fellow will co-teach SOWK 714, Clinical Social Work Practice in Maternal and Child Health Objective 3: Submit one article for publication and submit one paper for presentation at national social work research conference Develop and /or complete dissertation on MCH topic Goal 4: Within five years, to: (a) graduate fifteen (15) Post-MSW Maternal and Child Health social workers enrolled within the programs Leadership/Management Academy. Objective 1: Each academy participant will develop and implement an administrative and continuing edcation project within their home agency Objective 2: Participants will attend two immersion education workshops during the fellowship to promote their leadership, teaching and mangaement experiences Goal 5: Develop (5) MCH curriculum modules on the topic of neuro-developmental disorders, incorporating an interdisciplinary, culturally sensitive, and family focused public health perspective Objective 1: Disseminate MCH Social Work curriculum modules on neuro-developmental disorders that include: learning objectives, suggested readings, classroom and field assignments, organizational resources , hand outs (including power point slides where appropriate), glossary and module evaluation


Methods include the development and maintenance of a Center for Maternal and Child Health Social Work Training at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. The project will develop an MCH curriculum within the school of social work; select and train long term and short term MSW leadership stipend recipients; create a doctoral fellowship in MCH, produce MCH curriculum modules; and develop a leadership/management training academy for the mid-Atlantic region.


Partner agencies involved in this project include: University of Georgia School of Social Work Department of Maternal and Child Health State of Maryland Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore Maryland Kenedy Krieger Intsitute, Baltimore, Maryland


Modules will be tested evaluated and validated by schools of social work throughout the nation. Existing MSW program evaluation mechanisms (accreditation; SSW Committee review; Project Advisory Committee; course evaluations) will be used to measure master and doctoral student satisfaction. Standardized measures of self-efficacy, cultural competence and leadership will be used to measure the impact of training. Focus groups with long term trainees and Alumni follow- surveys will be conducted.

Experience to Date:

All goals and objectives for the current year have been accomplished

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