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Grant Status: Completed

Grant Title: Leadership Training in Pediatric Dentistry

Project Director(s):

James Crall, DDS, MS, ScD
Program Director
University of California, Los Angeles
School of Dentistry/Pediatric Dentistry
1100 Glendon Avenue Suite 850
Los Angeles, CA  90024-1406
Phone: (310) 206-3172
FAX: (310) 825-8728
Email: jcrall@dent.ucla.edu


Leadership training to equip pediatric dentists as MCH professionals is needed to provide collaborative leadership in MCH system building activities within communities and to support research, education and TA for MCH programs.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Postdoctoral training to prepare pediatric dentists for leadership roles for the purpose of improving the oral health of MCH populations, including children with special health care needs. Objective 1: Enroll up to two trainees/fellows per year in the Pediatric Dentistry Leadership Training Program (PDLTP). Objective 2: Provide PDLTP trainees advanced public health education and interdisciplinary learning experiences focused on pediatric oral health systems improvement in communities, public and professional organizations, and policy arenas. Objective 3: Provide MCH and leadership mentoring for LePed trainees/fellows and faculty. Goal 2: Develop and disseminate curricula, teaching models and educational resources to enhance interdisciplinary education in MCH oral health programs. Objective 1: Expand and disseminate the Leadership Development and the Community Health and Advocacy Training in Pediatric Dentistry (CHAT-PD) curriculum to other training programs. Objective 2: Develop and disseminate evidence-based oral health curricular materials for early childhood education programs and programs serving children with special health care needs (CSHCN). Goal 3: Provide professional education, consultation and technical assistance in pediatric oral health which address the needs of the MCH community, including Head Start (HS). Objective 1: Provide interdisciplinary oral health continuing education/training focusing on early childhood education programs (including HS) and CSHCN. Objective 2: Provide technical assistance and support to organizations and programs involved in developing improved oral health care delivery systems and policies for vulnerable children (Westside Children's Center, WIC, Head Start).


The UCLA Pediatric Dentistry Leadership Training Program (PDLTP) is comprised of three major components: 1) Advanced Specialty Education/Residency Training in Pediatric Dentistry; 2) Advanced Community Health & Advocacy Training; and 3) Advanced Education in Public Health. Component #1 is designed to provide advanced clinical training that prepares PDLTP trainees/fellows to deliver quality comprehensive dental services to a broad range of children. Component #2 provides interdisciplinary education (with CHAT Pediatrics residents) that prepares PDLTP trainees/fellows to work collaboratively with primary care providers and community organizations to effect systems changes that improve pediatric health care delivery within diverse communities and populations, and to participate effectively in advocacy activities. Component #3 provides PDLTP trainees with an in-depth educational foundation for understanding population-based perspectives of health and health care, and issues related to organization, financing and delivery of health services within various health care systems and communities. Degrees can be pursued in Public Health departments (Health Services or Community Health Sciences) or other programs. Collaboration with UCLA MCH programs focused on leadership development, MCH training, minorities health professions pipeline, early child care systems and community technical assistance augment the program, leverage funds and enhance program coordination.


PDLT training program activities is coordinated with other UCLA MCH programs, the AAPD Head Start Dental Home Initiative, and local and regional MCH programs with functional relationships to the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities.


Key elements to be assessed include curriculum and faculty development, trainee/fellow development, feedback from program participants, course evaluations, and assessment of outreach activities, organizational development, and responsiveness of program activities to expressed community needs. Other measures include number of trainees recruited, admitted and graduated, number of publications resulting from research activities, and longitudinal measures of academic/community-based activities.

Experience to Date:

* Long-term leadership training, including completion of MPH, for 2 Pediatric Dentistry resident traineeS. * Mid-term leadership training for 2 Pediatric Dentistry resident trainees who entered the program with MPH degrees. * Long Term leadership training including completin of a master's degree program in Health Professions Education and who has begun a career in academics. * Continuation of Leadership Roundtable which exposes residents to recognized state and national leaders in Pediatric Dentistry and MCH. * Implementation of distance learning technology to facilitate involvement of resident trainees and faculty at distant sites, including UCLA Pediatric Dentistry residency in San Diego. * Initiation of Professional Leadership Development component based on MCH and other relevant competencies. * Collaboration with UCLA Extension Prograom to devleop modules to support our leadership training program. * Identification of online MPH Program with dental public health emphasis for long term trainees and recruitment of several trainees who plan to enroll for 2011-2012. * Numerous national, state and local technical assistance activities. * Numerous peer-reviewed publications and presentations.

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