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Funded Projects

Grant Status: Completed

Grant Title: MCH Distance Learning

Project Director(s):

Toby M Long, PhD
Georgetown University
3300 Whitehaven Street, NW Harris Building
STE 3300
Washington, DC  20007-2401
Phone: (202) 687-8742
FAX: (202) 687-1954
Email: longt@georgetown.edu


There are significant personnel shortages in the early intervention arena. Shortages are more acute in rural America or the inner city of large metropolitan areas. The CPEI project will develop an online early intervention training curriculum for a wide variety of MCH professionals

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Build capacity of providers to serve infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families by increasing knowledge, skills, and competencies in evidence based early intervention. Objective 1: Develop four core training modules aligned with national early intervention competencies and those established by the Alaskan and DC Comprehensive System of Personnel Development; Objective 2: Create an online resource of developmentally appropriate Goal 2: Improve providers' capacities to assume leadership roles within early intervention Objective 1: Create one training module on knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to design, implement, and sustain major system reform and ensure improvements in service delivery systems Objective 2: Align module with MCH leadership competencies Goal 3: Advance community-based, coordinated systems of care approach among early childhood service systems Objective 1: Develop one module on coordinating systems of care approach Objective 2: Develop an interactive "Community of Learners" of current professional materials that users can post comments and interact with others Objective 3: Goal 4: Promote distance learning and dissemination of the curriculum within the MCH community. Objective 1: Coordinate and convene the DL Annual Grantee Meeting, Objective 2: Disseminate widely through targeted e-mails, direct mailings, e-mail lists, and newsletters.


1. Create six on-line training modules promoting evidence-based, family-centered, community-based, culturally competent, developmentally appropriate early intervention. 2: Develop an electronic toolkit of EI tools and resources; 3: Develop quick-reference electronic fact sheets on contemporary EI practices; 4: Integrate multiple training strategies; 5: Promote and disseminate curriculum through a variety of methods; 5: Convene a meeting of MCHB DL grantees; 6: Offer continuing education credits


CPEI will coordinate with Alaska EI/ILP, DCITDD, UCEDDs at GU and UA; NCCC; National TA Center for Children's Mental Health; Bright Futures; and the MCH Library.


Conduct usability testing with target audiences; Coordinate state review of curriculum; Develop and administer online methods to evaluate course; Administer online methods to evaluate users' knowledge, skills, and attitudes; Conduct a follow-up survey via e-mail 6 months after users complete the course; Compile and analyze Web statistics

Experience to Date:

During this first project year we focused on the development of Module 1, Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities and the Overview Materials instructing participants in using the site. We have developed the following components of the curricula: • Design of Site • Overview Materials • Module 1, Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities including o Five Case Studies o Pre-post test o Primer of Developmental Disorders o Eight common disorders identified in early childhood and one of less common developmental disabilities o Initiated fact sheet development o Reviewed video clips to embed into the module • Conducted field review of Module 1 in Alaska obtaining feedback & suggestions for change. • Due to changes in the DC Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities Division under the Office of State Superintendent of Education we have been unable to hold field review in DC but plan on initiating during the month of May.

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