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Funded Projects

Grant Status: Completed

Grant Title: University of New Mexico Pediatric Pulmonary Center (UNM PPC)

Project Director(s):

Lea Davies, MD
University of New Mexico
UNM PPC, Pulmonary/Pediatrics, MSC10-5590, 1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM  87131-0001
Phone: (505) 272-6633
FAX: (505) 272-0329
Email: LDavies@salud.unm.edu


UNM-PPC is the only comprehensive, interdisciplinary leadership training program that address the needs of very diverse children with chronic and often life threatening pulmonary conditions and their families in the state of New Mexico. This is accomplished in one of the poorest states in the US.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: UNM PPC will train future MCH leaders to improve pulmonary health of children by emphasizing comprehensive, family-centered, culturally competent, and evidence-based care. Objective 1: Annually train three long-term trainees/fellows through an interdisciplinary, competency-based leadership curriculum, with emphasis on MCH content areas including the appropriate Healthy People 2020 objectives. Objective 2: Annually train 10 medium-term trainees from appropriate disciplines with a curriculum developed to meet their individual didactic, clinical and/or leadership needs and stages a professional development. Objective 3: Annually train 15 short-term trainees from appropriate disciplines with a curriculum that meets their individual didactic, clinical, and/or leadership needs and stages of professional development. Goal 2: Serve as a resource on multiple levels for care providers in the community on quality and improvements in the health infrastructure and care system for pediatric women varied conditions. Objective 1: Collaborate with the New Mexico State Title V office and other MCH funded or related programs to offer continuing education seminars on topics of pediatric pulmonary conditions as needed. Objective 2: Provide a minimum of 15 leadership and/or condition-specific education sessions annually for professionals practicing throughout all regions of the state. Objective 3: Develop, market, and offer one web-based pulmonary and/or leadership module each year for practicing professionals and/or families. Goal 3: Provide technical assistance/consultation to Title V and other partners to improve community-based services and supports for children with pulmonary conditions and their families. Objective 1: Provide technical assistance/consultations to a minimum of 50 recipients yearly to local, state, and national title V and other MCH-related partners, including practitioners in the field. Goal 4: Contribute to the exams meant in treatment of pediatric culinary conditions through conducting scholarly research and disseminating research findings. Objective 1: All long-term trainees will participate in scholarly research during their UNM PPC experience under the mentorship of a PPC faculty member. Objective 2: Produce a minimum of five here-reviewed and/or non-review Journal call articles, books, chapters, or educational products annually. Topics will be relevant, evidence-based, condition-or leadership-specific or tied to emerging health-related issues. Objective 3: Present findings from evidence-based practices and research in the field of pediatric pulmonary conditions at a minimum of 8 MCH-related professional meetings and other discipline-specific conferences over the 5 years.


Clinical experiences are in out/in patient settings and rural outreach clinics. Students are required to complete an additional 50 hours of leadership experiences, a family and a research project. Most of the seminars are interactive. Didactic information is provided through problem-based learning cases. UNM PPC and NM LEND students and faculty members participate in all leadership seminars.


Representatives of state and local health agencies, including Title V, parent organizations and others involved in pulmonary issues participate in PPC activities and often serve as preceptors for community-based and leadership experience. Collaborative projects with Title V include MCH Collaborative meetings, joint proposal development, needs assessments and continuing education activities.


A comprehensive evaluation plan is used to assess the effectiveness of training, incorporating both process and outcome methods. Trainee performance in course work, practice, seminars, family mentorship and leadership experiences is evaluated through assessments and feedback from members and families. Trainee follow-up is through the National Reporting and Information System (NIRS).

Experience to Date:

During fiscal year 2010-2011, the UNM PPC had a total of 62 trainees participating in the program: 4 long term trainees, 27 medium- term trainees (15 with 40-149 hours, and 12 with 150-299 hours) and 31 short term trainees including all core disciplines and pharmacy. The UNM PPC conducted 105 educational activities at local, state, regional, national and international levels to a total of 2578 participants with total of 1442 hours. Faculty participated in 50 technical assistance activities at all levels. A total of 17 publications and/or products were published, developed or disseminated. The UNM PPC served a total of 1916 individuals with pediatric pulmonary issues. The UNM PPC is also involved in several research studies in the areas of asthma, cystic fibrosis and access to care. The UNM PPC continues to partner with NM LEND, NM CMS, NM State Asthma Coalition, NM MCH Collaborative, NM Nutrition Partnership, NM NASW and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy at UNM.

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