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Grant Status: Completed

Grant Title: Around the Table: Promoting Healthy Eating through Culture and Food

Web Site: Georgetown University Project Exit Disclaimer

Project Director(s):

John T. Richards, MA
Georgetown University
Public Policy Institute
2115 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., Box 571273 STE 601
Washington, DC  20057
Phone: (202)784-9772
FAX: (202)784-9777
Email: richarjt@georgetown.edu


1 in 3 youth are overweight/obese. The U.S. spends $150 billion/yr treating related diseases. Obesity is a problem among families with low incomes, minorities, and in underserved areas. This project will develop a curriculum using culture to promote healthy eating with an emphasis on diversity.

Goals and Objectives:

Goals and Objectives Goal 1: Transfer emerging information on nutrition, healthy eating, and nutrition concerns. Objective 1: Create an online module summarizing the state of nutrition among children and youth. Objective 2: Provide the latest information on developmental nutrition concerns. Goal 2: Develop culturally competent, family-centered strategies to address nutrition concerns. Objective 1: Develop a module on the role that culture plays in overweight and obesity. Objective 2: Create and maintain a toolkit of electronic resources. Goal 3: Present a strengths-based approach on communicating with families and communities. Objective 1: Create modules on communicating about food choices. Objective 2: Integrate strategies for communicating with different cultural communities. Goal 4: Promote information on the role culture can play in promoting healthy eating. Objective 1: Develop modules on MCH leadership competencies in advancing healthy eating. Objective 2: Integrate MCH leadership competencies throughout the curriculum. Goal 5: Engage MCH professionals and families through social media. Objective 1: Develop an online "Community of Learners" to share evidence-based knowledge. Objective 2: Use social media channels to stimulate discussion about nutrition topics.


Create modules designed to transfer information on nutrition and healthy eating. Develop an electronic toolkit of credible nutrition tools and resources. Develop a module designed to address disparities by presenting culturally competent, family-centered strategies to combat nutrition concerns. Write strengths-based modules to increase MCH professionals' leadership competencies by focusing on communicating with families and working within the community. Use social media to engage interdisciplinary professionals.


Multiple State Departments of Health; Medicaid staff; minority organizations; National Center for Cultural Competence; organizations representing CYSHCN.


Evaluation will include: (1) usability testing; (2) state review; (3) online course feedback; (4) online testing; (5) follow-up surveys; and (6) Web statistics.

Experience to Date:

During this year of the project, staff developed drafts of core Around the Table modules based on nutrition and culture. A literature review was conducted, and key materials were added to an online toolbox for the project. Content from Celebrating Diversity: Approaching Families Through Their Food was updated and rewritten to be appropriate for an online format. Updated material from the forthcoming Bright Futures in Practice: Nutrition was reviewed and will be incorporated into the project after the print release of that publication. Staff also focused on integrating MCH Competencies throughout the draft curriculum.

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