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Grant Status: Completed

Grant Title: Incorporating Knowledge into Practice for Rural Public Health Nurses

Project Director(s):

Cherry Guinn, PhD
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
615 McCallie Ave DEPT 4905
Chattanooga, TN  37403-2504
Phone: (423) 425-4659
FAX: (423) 425-4668
Email: Cherry-Guinn@utc.edu


For the majority of rural nurses within northwest Georgia and southeast Tennessee (the area that will be served), the proposed project is the only opportunity they will have to meet the continuing educational needs they have specifically identified through a formal needs-assessment process.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Goal 1: Establish and expand a feedback mechanism for rural public health nurses to communicate their educational needs and receive information on available education opportunities and resources. Objective 1: Objective 1: (1a) Suggest the times to conduct the workshop which are best suited for public health nurses. Objective 2: Objective 2: 1b) Identify specific objectives to be addressed in each workshop. Objective 3: Objective 3: 1c) Distribute program brochures and information about the workshop to potential participants. Goal 2: Goal 2: To expand rural public health nurses' knowledge base in women's and children's health. Objective 1: Objective 1: (2a) Describe leadership and management principles which can be utilized in the delivery of public health care. Objective 2: Objective 2: (2b) Discuss family-centered health care as it applies to the Hispanic culture in our region. Objective 3: Objective 3: 2c) Explore preventive epidemiology particularly focusing on teen smoking, substance abuse, sexual behavior, nutrition, physical activity, unintentional injuries,family planning,and sexual transmitted infections. Goal 3: Goal 3: To provide public health nurses with new and innovative strategies to assist with the prevention of crises and the promotion of wellness in women's and children's health. Objective 1: Objective 1: 3a) Discuss teaching strategies for presenting information to women and children clients. Objective 2: Objective 2: 3b) Identify several techniques for motivating clients. Objective 3: Objective 3: 3c) Explore a teaching strategy that they can use in their workplace Goal 4: Goal 4: To facilitate the networking opportunities available to rural public health nurses by establishing a network in which rural nurses communicate to resolve problems. to resolve problems. Objective 1: Objective 1: 4a) Discuss common health care delivery problems and share possible solutions. Objective 2: Objective 2: 4b) Contact each other via blackboard, e-mail, telephone, mail, etc. to seek information and provide support for each other. Objective 3: Objective 3: (4c) Identify project director, advisory committee and workshop speakers as resources and contact them for information and to express concerns/needs.


Activities Undertaken to Meet Project Goals: The following steps will ensure successful implementation of the Curriculum: 1. Enhance and Expand the Advisory Committee for the Continuing Education of Public Health Nurses in northwest Georgia and southeast Tennessee. 2. Develop the curriculum for the "The Evolving Roles of Nursing in today's Health care environment" 3. Determine the conference schedule. 4. Plan the conference. 5. Hold registration for the conference. 6. Conduct the conference. 7. Evaluate of the conference 8. Conduct follow-up survey of the conference. 9. Plan for next year's conference.


The Title V coordinators of Tennessee and Georgia support the proposed three year conferences. The project director will keep the coordinators informed of the progress and results of the proposed project.


Participants will take a outcome measure assessment at the end of each day's conference to ascertain the knowledge they have attained. Participants also complete a session evaluation at the conclusion of each day's conference. This evaluation gauges the effectiveness of the conference in achieving its stated objectives. A one month follow-up survey determined how well the participants were utilizing this new knowledge in their practice arenas.

Experience to Date:

The project timeline is currently on schedule. All goals, objectives, activities, and outcomes are in progress for the 2011-2012 year. The Advisory Committee met in September. We reviewed and discussed the program evaluations of the May 2011 conference, assessed problems and successes, and made recommendations for this year's (2012) conference. The dates and facilities were identified and confirmed. Topics were narrowed to focus on the current essential needs of public health nurses in our region. Topics to be addressed this year include: issues of the unemployed and their families, specific strategies to motivate individuals, public health partnerships, social and emotional needs of children in crisis, a refresher on the developmental stages of children, adolescent behaviors in a crisis, infant mortality, and marketing public health. Potential speakers were identified and are subsequently being contacted and scheduled. The Advisory committee stays in touch with the project director on a regular basis.

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