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Grant Status: Active

Grant Title: Illinois DocAssist-Case Consultation Rounds (IDCCR)

Web Site: University of Illinois at Chicago Project Exit Disclaimer

Project Director(s):

Diane M Misch, MD
Project Director
University of Illinois at Chicago
Psychiatry/College of Medicine
1747 W. Roosevelt Road (MC 747)
Chicago, IL  60608
Phone: (312) 996-5897
FAX: (312) 413-7757
Email: dmisch@psych.uic.edu


20% of children and adolescents have a psychiatric diagnosis. This problem is compounded by a severe shortage of child and adolescent psychiatrists (CAPs). PCCs lack the knowledge and training needed to provide accurate diagnosis and evidence-based treatment.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Improve the confidence, knowledge and skills of PCCs to address the pediatric mental health problems appropriate to primary care. Objective 1: At each meeting PCCs will review cases using a standardized approach. Objective 2: At each meeting we will teach diagnostic criteria for any psychiatric disorder discussed. Objective 3: By year 2, 80% of the members will understand the criteria for when to treat and when to refer pediatric mental health patients in the primary care setting. Goal 2: To enhance the cultural competences of the members. Objective 1: At each meeting we will discuss the cultural influences relevant to the case and/or topic. Objective 2: At least twice during the year we will discuss Bright Futures. Objective 3: Each year all the members will complete a cultural competence self-assessment survey. Goal 3: To encourage members to meet Healthy People 2020 goals. Objective 1: At least one discussion a year will focus on obesity. Objective 2: At least one meeting a year will focus on adolescent substance abuse. Objective 3: At least one meeting a year will focus on psychosocial development of children and adolescents.


The Illinois DocAssist Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago has partnered with Alivio Medical Center to develop a monthly, pediatric mental health case consultation rounds (IDCCR). The monthly meeting is for a group of Alivio PCCs to discuss challenging pediatric mental health cases with a child and adolescent psychiatrist. The purpose of the IDCCR is to build the capacity of Alivio's PCCs to screen, diagnose, and treat the pediatric mental health issues of their pediatric patients.


The IDCCR is coordinating with Enhancing Developmentally Oriented Primary Care and the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics for expert speakers and member recruitment.


Evaluation collects attendance. At each meeting, members complete a satisfaction survey and list two concepts learned. Survey information is reviewed after each meeting to for quality assurance. Annually, members test their knowledge through a narrative pre/post-test that should demonstrate an evolution in their thinking about the mental health disorders and family-centered, culturally competent principles that were taught. Pre-test indicated room for growth over the 5 years.

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