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Funded Projects

Grant Status: Active

Grant Title: Partners in Excellence for Leadership in MCH Nutrition

Web Site: University of California, Los Angeles Project Exit Disclaimer

Project Director(s):

Marion Baer
University of California, Los Angeles
11000 Kinross Avenue Suite 102
Los Angeles, CA  90095-0001
Phone: 310-825-8196
Email: mtbaer@ucla.edu


a growing demand for PH nutrition services to meet the needs of a diverse MCH population, & few training resources in the 13 western states. Response: UCLA Partners continue to serve as a western regional & national resource for leadership training, TA & CE for Title V & related programs.


Each Partner has relationships with their state/local Title V and other agencies through student field placements, consultations, TA, CE, etc; each also collaborates with local MCH training programs. The Western MCH Nutrition Leadership Network provides contact with the other 8 western states (HI, NV, AZ, UT, ID, AD, MT, WY). Coordination with all MCH Nutrition grantees occurs via conference calls/annual meetings. Bimonthly Partners tele-conferences allow planning/coordination of activities.


Primary outcome: The % graduates showing leadership in MCH nutrition. Process & secondary outcomes include: the % of enrolled trainees from diverse backgrounds, former trainees employed in community-based MCH settings, the # of students from other disciplines enrolled in program-affiliated nutrition courses, the # of courses at Partner universities with nutrition content, the range/impact of CE activities & TA offered, the program's impact on national health & training performance measures.

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