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Grant Status: Active

Grant Title: MCH Knowledge to Practice

Web Site: Regents of the University of Minnesota Project Exit Disclaimer

Project Director(s):

Linda Bearinger
Regents of the University of Minnesota
200 Oak St SE
Minneapolis, MN  55455-2009
Phone: 612-624-5157
Email: bearl001@umn.edu


MN-KPAH aims to advance the knowledge/skills of practicing MCHprofessionals by enhancing their capacity to respond to common and emerging health needs of young people, at individual and population levels using blended CE modalities (in-person and online) for national audiences.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Develop & implement MN-KPAH blended-method CE offerings in adolescent health designed to facilitate effective adoption of new practice knowledge and skills by adult learners/health providers. Goal 2: Prepare an ID cadre of MCH professionals to use evidence-based practice in the provision of care and creation of interventions that promote the health of adolescents, at individual & population levels Goal 3: Evaluate the outputs and outcomes of the blended CE offerings to determine reach, engagement, utilization, and application of knowledge and skills within the targeted MCH workforce. Goal 4: Disseminate curricula, teaching methodologies, & educational resources such that investments in adolescent health CE can be a sustained effort serving the future MCH workforce. Objective 1: Develop & offer new summer institute in adolescent health (AHSI), an online asynchronous course, webinar series & 3 self-guided models; adapt CE offerings based on evaluations Objective 2: Over 3 years, 1,100 practicing MCH professional will complete =1 adolescent health CE offerings. Objective 3: At CE completion & 6-mo follow-up, =80% participants will rate instructional content, relevance & utilization of CE curricular content as very good to excellent; all will score =70% on post-instruction tests. Objective 4: Through publications, newsletters, presentation, MCH Navigator and other online options, make online CE curricula accessible to future MCH workforce.


Four on-site & online CE modalities enable MN-KPAH to reach national interprofessional MCH audiences: 1) Three intensive on-site adol health summer institutes (=20 CEUs); 2) On-line asynchronous moderated adol health course (=20 CEUs); 3) quarterly adol health webinars; 4) Three online self-study modules (1 CEU each). MN-KPAH will train 1,100 practicing MCH professional over 3 years and disseminate curricula for future MCH workforce


Collaborations with MCHB-funded UMN programs (CAN, LEAH, LEND, SAHRC, MCH Public Health (SPH), state health and education departments & MN Teenwise


Process/outcome evaluation includes instructional quality/content, effectiveness of online modalities, achievement of learner objectives, relevancy and uptake of content into CE participants' practice, especially with vulnerable adolescents, and fidelity in implementation and timeliness of proposed educational and evaluative strategies.

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