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Grant Status: Completed

Grant Title: Training Long Term - Nutrition

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Project Director(s):

Diane M. Anderson, Ph. D.
Department of Pediatrics
Pediatric Neonatology
Baylor College of Medicine
6621 Fannin Street
MC WT 6-104
Houston, TX  77030-2303
Phone: (832) 826-1346
FAX: (832) 825-2799
Email: dianea@bcm.tmc.edu


The purpose is to train the MCH workforce to be leaders in public health nutrition with the opportunity to specialize in the unique management of medical high-risk infants. Emerging leaders must be trained to take leadership roles to ensure that the MCH population receives the best nutrition.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: The goal is to provide skilled manpower to meet the changing nutritional demands of infants to ensure optimal quality of life. The MCH care providers become leaders in the advocacy of nutrition care. Objective 1.1: 4 registered dietitians (RD)/gradate students will complete 3-month neonatal nutrition fellowship yearly. Objective 1.2: 12 RDs will participate in 1-week neonatal nutrition update practicum each year. Objective 1.3: 150 MCH health care providers will attend the annual neonatal nutrition conference. Objective 1.4: 2 emerging leaders will be supported by grant funds.


For the fellowship, a curriculum on neonatal nutrition principles and their clinical application will be given. Training will be presented in the various neonatal and pediatric settings of the Texas Children's Hospital (TCH), Ben Taub General Hospital and the Texas Children's Pediatric Associates Medical Home Clinics. Dietitians will participate in team rounds, discussions, case study presentations, individual projects and leadership development activities. The fellows will receive a monthly stipend to offset living expenses. The one-week participants will spend a week observing team rounds in the nursery and participating in discussions on neonatal nutrition and medicine. The dietitians will evaluate their current nutrition practices and then implement current, evidence based nutrition practices in their workplace. The conference program will be planned by a interdisciplinary advisory board. Continuing education credit is provided for physicians, nurses, and dietitians. The Emerging Leaders in MCH Nutrition Institute will be done over 1 year by 1 meeting, web training, interactive conference calls, coaching and the development of policy briefs by the participants. Advertisement for all programs will be by direct program mailing and placement in journals, list serves, and web sites to facilitate participant enrollment from across the country.


Advisory planning committee: Federal & Regional MCHB, Parent of NICU graduates, TX Department of State Health & ECI, U AR LEND, SC Public Health Nutrition, UMN, Kaiser Permanente -- Honolulu, UC- San Diego, & Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. MCHB Leadership and Nutrition Training Collaborations: UTX LEND, UCLA, UAB, UC Berkeley, UMN, UTN. MCH Nutrition Grantees (UAB, UTN, UMN, BCM) will jointly conduct the Emerging Leaders MCH Nutrition Institute.


All programs will be evaluated for program content by the participants. Application of the information taught will be recorded. Information will be used to plan future programs to ensure the development of MCH nutrition workforce.

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