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Funded Projects

Grant Status: Active

Grant Title: Leadership Education in Adolescent Health

Project Director(s):

J. Dennis Fortenberry Fortenberry MD MS, MD MS
Indiana University
Indianapolis, IN  46202-2915
Phone: (317) 274-8812
Email: jfortenb@iu.edu


Adolescents remain an underserved age group and the professional workforce with expertise in caring for youth is inadequate. Interdisciplinary training to produce a competent, youth-focused workforce is needed to work in a variety settings, undertake multiple roles, and serve multiple constituencies to realize the HP 2020 Adolescent Health objectives.

Goals and Objectives:

The primary goal is to educate an interdisciplinary array of health professionals for positions of leadership in adolescent health at national, regional, and local levels in public health, academic and training institutions, health planning and administrative agencies, and large health service delivery systems. Specific objectives are to: 1) educate long-term interdisciplinary health professionals in nursing, social work, nutrition/dietetics, psychology and medicine; 2) assist short-term interdisciplinary health professionals acquire clinical competency; 3) provide consultation and technical assistance to Title V and other national, regional and local agencies and programs; 4) actively participate in continuing education programs at all levels.


We will use a competency-based curriculum based in a developmental assets and life course framework that integrates didactic teaching, experiential learning and mentorship to train health professionals for adolescent leadership roles in multiple domains.


Indiana University LEAH, LEND and LEPN coordinate training, collaborate, consult and provide technical assistance activities with/to state and national Title V programs and county health and education departments, local and national university researchers, and federal agencies. In conjunction with other LEAH programs, we will continue to meet the educational needs of State Adolescent Health Coordinators and to expand our capacity to reach underserved geographic areas by working with other MCHB funded programs.


External review consists of regular evaluation by an Advisory Committee to the Riley MCH Partners, University Academic procedures and the Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics, and Deans of the Schools of Nursing, Social Work, Medicine and Science. Performance indicators are used to assist in the evaluation of the program. Trainee progress in achieving specific competencies is measured using time-delineated performance indicators.

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