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Funded Projects

Grant Status: Active

Grant Title: Leadership Education in Adolescent Health

Project Director(s):

Michael Resnick, PhD
University of Minnesota
Pediatrics Medical School
260 McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street SE
Minneapolis, MN  55455
Phone: (612) 624-9111
FAX: (612) 626-2134
Email: resni001@umn.edu


Disparities in the health of adolescents, primarily social in nature, and the lack of evidence guiding practice, at individual and population levels, compel the need for training to develop an equipped current and future workforce (specialists/educators/scholars). GOALS & OBJECTIVES: MN-LEAH aims to improve the health/well-being of adolescents by equipping MCH leaders in academic and public health sectors with the skills for identifying and responding to the emerging health needs of young people - individuals and populations. Four goals guide mission: 1) Prepare an interdisciplinary (ID) cadre of pre- and post-doctoral health professionals for specialist/educator/ scholar roles for youth health services; 2) Expand UMN capacity to educate interdisciplinary MCH providers in youth health; 3) Improve existing workforce capacity in adolescent health through CE on HP 2020 Objectives; 4) Create, critique, translate, and disseminate new knowledge and educational resources for adoption of evidence-based innovation in training, clinical and PH practice. Educational objectives, framed by the 12 MCH competencies and measured by demonstrable products, cluster into 4 Entrustable Professional Activities: 1) Provide quality individual/population-focused care; 2) Influence systems/policies on behalf of youth; 3) Critique, create, translate & disseminate new knowledge; 4) Teach the current & future workforce for effective practice with adolescents & families.


For ID equity in training specialists and educator/scholars in disciplines of medicine, nursing, nutrition, psychology, public health and social work, all educational objectives and required products apply to all disciplines. Various teaching modalities develop leadership capacity in adolescent health: courses; webinar/internet-based instruction, seminars; forums; institutes/conferences; clinical/community practica, mentoring. MN-LEAH infrastructure leverages additional resources for teaching a large cadre of trainees.


Partners: MN-based MCHB training progs (N=7); State Adolescent Health Resource Center; Practicum sites with Title V funds; MN Dept Health TA/CE


Process/outcome assess of MN-LEAH objs using 6-mos reviews of Individualized Learning Plans and School Oversight Com; on-line survey of former trainees.

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