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Grant Status: Active

Grant Title: Drexel University School of Public Health Maternal and Child Health

Project Director(s):

Renee Turchi, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Drexel University School of Public Heatth
3201 Market St.,
Philadelphia, PA  19104
Phone: 215-427-5331


MCH populations are increasing in number and diversity, but numbers of MCH publichealth professionals are declining. It is paramount to expand MCH graduate training, especiallyfor students of diverse backgrounds, to increase workforce capacity and diversity. Drexel SPHhas a highly diverse student body, but lacks curricular infrastructure for formal MCH training.

Goals and Objectives:

Program purpose is to establish MCH curricular infrastructure at Drexel SPH toincrease number, diversity, and capacity of future MCH workforce. G1:Establish courses.Obj1a:Offer 2 MCH courses by yr 2 end (baseline 0). Obj1b:10% SPH students enroll in MCH coursesannually. G2:Facilitate student-led MCH activities. Obj2:By yr 5 end, expose 200 students toMCH student-led activities. G3:Provide mentoring. Obj3a: 90% students with MCH interestsmatched with MCH mentors. Obj3b:75% students interested in MCH research placed in MCHagencies. Obj3c:Annually increase faculty receiving mentoring by 5%. G4:Prepare students forMCH careers. Obj4a:50% students with MCH interest attend career networking event annually.Obj4b:Annually increase students pursuing MCH careers by 5%. G5: Establish sustainability.Obj5a:Yr 5, plan MCH concentration. Obj5b: Yr 4, establish certificate. G6: Engage advisorycommittee. Obj6a:Meet with advisory committee quarterly. Obj6b:Examine course feedbackwith advisory committee 2x/year. 6c:Review student interests with advisory committee 2x/year.


1) advisory committee meetings, 2) consult with NCCC, 3) develop courses, 4)develop evaluation, 5) recruit students, 6) Speaker Series, 7) Journal Club, 8) mentor matching,9) Research and Career Paths meetings, 10) Plan concentration, 11) develop MCH certificate.


Program will be based at Drexel SPH and include faculty from: SPH, College ofNursing/Health Professions, and College of Computing/Informatics. Collaborating partners:National Center Cultural Competence, local MCH community, government agencies and Title V.


Track and report activities to assess success in meeting objectives and outcomes.Will include descriptive statistics of participating students, faculty, professionals; surveys toassess student interests, curricular gaps, satisfaction; surveys to track job placement.

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