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Grant Status: Active

Grant Title: University at Albany School of Public Health maternal and Child Health Public Health Catalyst Program

Web Site: University at Albany, SUNY Project Exit Disclaimer

Project Director(s):

Christine T. Bozlak, Ph.D., MPH
Assistant Professor
University at Albany, SUNY
One University Place, Room 173
Rensselaer, NY  12144-3425
Phone: 518-402-0299
Email: cbozlak@albany.edu


With a rapidly evolving United States health care and public health system, mass retirements in the maternal and child health (MCH) workforce, and persistent disparities in key MCH population health outcomes, there is a growing need for a well-trained and diverse MCH workforce. The University at Albany School of Public Health (UA SPH), an accredited SPH located in Rensselaer, New York without an existing MCH program of study, presents this proposal to enhance its capacity to educate a diverse student body in the fundamentals of MCH and support the continued professional development of our MCH-related faculty.

Goals and Objectives:

The goals of this program are to: 1) increase the number of students, especially from underrepresented groups, who graduate from the UA SPH with formal introductory education and training in MCH; 2) increase the number of UA SPH graduates, especially from underrepresented groups, who assume MCH-related positions in all relevant settings; and 3) enhance the professional development of UA SPH faculty to teach and mentor students in MCH.


To meet our goals and objectives, we propose a 5-year project plan that incorporates a foundational MCH course, a MCH student interest group, student mentorship, outreach and recruitment activities to students from underrepresented groups, and external MCH educational opportunities for students and faculty.


The coordination of this project will be made possible through a project codirector model with one UA SPH faculty member and New York State's Title V Director leading the project. Additional partnerships with other university schools, local public health agencies, and community-based organizations will be leveraged to meet the program goals.


Process and impact evaluation will primarily be done through monitoring of data collected on performance measures that reflect the program goals and objectives. This will allow for continuous quality improvement of the program. Annotation: There is a growing need for a well-prepared and diverse MCH workforce to address the changing health care and public health landscapes. The UA SPH MCH Public Health Catalyst Program will provide formal introductory education and training to MCH graduate students, especially those from underrepresented groups, to help increase the number of qualified public health professionals entering the MCH workforce. This program will primarily consist of introductory MCH courses, an MCH student interest group, student mentorship, internship experiences, and professional networking opportunities at MCH conferences.

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