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Grant Status: Completed

Training Category: Pediatric Pulmonary Centers

Grant Title: University of New Mexico Pediatric Pulmonary Center (UNM PPC)

Web Site: University of New Mexico Project Exit Disclaimer

Project Director(s):

Lea Davies
Project Director
University of New Mexico
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Phone: 505-272-5464

Goals and Objectives:

New Mexico is a rural, sparsely populated state with significant cultural and linguistic diversity. A minority majority state, NM demographics show significant populations of Hispanics and Native Americans compared to the national average. NM is ranked 50th in child health and well-being (Kids Count, 2014). New Mexico is the 45th poorest state in the nation with the fifth highest over-all uninsured rate at 16%. (Kaiser Family Foundation Report, 2014). Barriers to care include: distance traveled to obtain care, shortage of providers, population in low socioeconomic status, and insurance coverage. Because of these barriers, NM children with pulmonary conditions are at high risk of not receiving adequate care. The UNM PPC has developed a comprehensive program to provide improved care for children with pulmonary conditions throughout the state and assist with increasing the numbers of trained practitioners in these conditions. The mission of the UNM PPC is to train leaders who will improve health care delivery by changing behaviors and systems in ways that will increase opportunities and positive outcomes for children with chronic pulmonary conditions and their families in New Mexico. The UNM PPC uses an interdisciplinary, culturally competent, family-centered care training approach for graduate students in nursing, nutrition, medicine, and family leadership to meet the aforementioned needs. The program has developed an evaluation plan based upon a logic model. In order to accomplish its mission, the UNM PPC has developed 5 interrelated goals (listed below) with objectives to work toward fulfilling the goals. These goals were developed after a needs assessment of New Mexico and the nation. Goal1: The UNM PPC will contribute to the training of the next generation of MCH leaders to improve the pulmonary health of children and address the needs of thee children and their families. Goal 2: The UNM PPC will increase the knowledge and integration of family centered principles into health care practice. Goal 3: Advance the principles of public health, population-based approach, MCH values and public policy. Goal 4: To improve understanding and relationships within the health care arena of diverse populations. Goal 5: The UNM PPC will increase the dissemination of PPC knowledge through collaboration projects.