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Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health (MCH)

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Grant Status: Completed

Training Category: Centers of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health Education Science and Practice

Project Director(s):

Michael Kramer, PhD
Project Director
Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health
1518 Clifton Road NE
Atlanta, FL  30322
Phone: (404) 727-9818


The need for diverse MCH workforce leadership is growing, exacerbated by a decreasing supply of MCH leaders that is now reaching crisis proportions. For RSPH to participate fully in helping to address this gap, its existing interdisciplinary MCH program needs to improve: the diversity of its MPH and PhD students; its curriculum focus on meeting the V3.0 MCH leadership competencies; & its institutional & individual cultural competency to work in partnership with affected families.

Goals and Objectives:

RSPH is applying to become a Center of Excellence in Maternal & Child Health in Education, Science, & Practice, including an MCH Postdoctoral Enhancement (Objectives for that proposal are in italics). Our three-goal innovative & cost-efficient strategy addresses program gaps by linking existing strong programs from 3 institutions to form a MCH Leadership Collaborative: RSPH, Morehouse School of Medicine's (MSM) Satcher Health Leadership Institute (SHLI), & Georgia State University's (GSU) GaLEND Program. Goal 1) Expand MCH workforce capacity regionally & nationally, with particular focus on increasing the number of MCH leaders from historically disadvantaged populations (HDP). Obj 1.1: Provide 1-2 targeted PhD MCH traineeships annually. Obj 1.2: Provide 4 new targeted MPH traineeships annually. Obj 1.3: Facilitate minority research supplements for MPH, PhD, & postdoctoral students from HDP. Obj 1.4: Enable web-based & distance learning opportunities for core MCH classes in areas with HDP. Obj 1.5: Partner with HRSA region IV Public Health Training Center (PHTC) to provide Technical Assistance (TA) & webinars. Obj 1.6: Conduct national trainings on emerging MCH topics.Obj.1.7: Support 2 postdoctoral & 1 junior HDP faculty for academic success. Goal 2) Include all v 3.0 leadership competencies in the MCH program. Obj 2.1: Through partnership with SHLI & GaLEND, eliminate identified training gaps. Obj 2.2: Through GaLEND, add CSHCN, family-centered learning experiences. Goal 3) Develop junior MCH faculty in research, practice & policy. Obj 3.1: Provide pilot research grants. Obj 3.2: Provide career development opportunities. HP 2020 OBJECTIVES ADDRESSED: Workforce core competencies (PHI-1, PHI-2, PHI-3); Data quality (PHI-7; PHI-8; PHI-10.3); Systems improvement (PHI-13, PHI-14).


The RSPH Executive Committee representing faculty in the 4 core departments with MPH & PhD MCH students (Behavioral Science/Health Education, Epidemiology, Health Policy/Management, & Hubert Global Health) will coordinate curriculum development & teaching with the directors from the collaborating institutions (RSPH, SHLI, GaLEND). RSPH will engage family & practice-based MCH leaders to serve on the Center's advisory committee and continue to collaborate with Georgia's Title V program, HRSA, CDC, & other state & community agencies for practicum & research activities for students.


The project will be evaluated using both qualitative & quantitative evaluation methods. We will document & assess processes & outcomes for goals & objectives, with scientific methods relevant to reporting on MCHB Performance Measures 07-10, 59, & 84-85.

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