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Center of Excellence in MCH

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Grant Status: Completed

Training Category: Centers of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health Education Science and Practice

Project Director(s):

Daniel Enquobahrie, MD, MPH, PhD
Project Director
University of Washington
1959 NE Pacific Street
Box 357236
Seattle, WA  98195
Phone: 206-543-7559

Goals and Objectives:

This graduate degree program in public health develops leaders in the field of MCH to address the specific workforce needs of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, and the US. Our curriculum is responsive to local and regional needs for skills in epidemiology, statistics, program evaluation, needs assessment, and program planning. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES A. Train effective leaders in MCH by combining leadership skills and interdisciplinary training. 1. Objective 1: Educate 26 MPH students and graduate 13 per year 2. Objective 2 - Within 5 years, 90% will be in positions of leadership B. Serve as a regional resource for continuing education, distance learning, and consultation. 1. Objective 1 - Provide at least 12 instances of technical assistance to MCH agencies per year. 2. Objective 2 - Publish the Northwest Bulletin for MCH practitioners 6 times per year. C. Assist Title V and other MCH groups with data development and dissemination. 1. Objective 1 - Each year, 2 faculty participate as expert advisors to Title V initiatives. 2. Objective 2 - Students are trained in advocacy and data use for program planning. D. Conduct research and contribute to the science of MCH. 1. Objective 1 - On average, faculty members publish at least 3 scientific articles per year. 2. Objective 2 - On average, 50% of students publish or present their thesis work. E. Build broad-based awareness of the importance of MCH public health. 1. Objective 1 - Faculty are a voice for MCH public health regionally and nationally.


In-residence education leads to an MPH or PhD in epidemiology or health Services, and a distance learning program leads to an MPH for health professionals. Technical assistance and continuing education is provided to governmental and community-based MCH agencies, funders, and policy makers. HP 2020 OBJECTIVES: HP 2020 goal "Public Health Infrastructure" (PHI-3) and those pertaining to adolescent health and maternal, infant, and child health.


The project coordinates with MCH agencies through faculty and student service: student practica are designed to assist state Title V agencies, staff members of Title V agencies provide guest lectures and serve on the project's advisory board and on the editorial board of the Northwest Bulletin. Student research projects use state and local-level MCH data.


Surveys track graduates' leadership development. Student-faculty retreats, course evaluations, an alumni panel, and surveys of practitioners are conducted annually to maintain relevant curriculum and responsive learning experiences for students.