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Funded Projects

UAB Center for Excellence in MCH Policy and Leadership Program (MCHPLP)

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Grant Status: Completed

Training Category: Centers of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health Education Science and Practice

Project Director(s):

Martha Wingate, Dr.PH
Project Directr
University of Alabama at Birmingham
1720 2nd Street South
AB 1170
Birmingham, AL  35294-0111
Phone: 205-934-6783
FAX: 205-934-3347


The MCH population in the South faces more challenges compared to other regions of the US. Combined with the previous success of the MCHPLP, the curriculum, practice-focus, and leadership expertise, this program is committed to develop the future and current workforce to tackle MCH challenges.

Goals and Objectives:

Goals of the MCHPLP are to 1) provide an on-going graduate education (GE) program of excellence to educate and prepare public health professionals from diverse backgrounds for MCH leadership; 2) collaborate with state Title V/MCH partners to enhance MCH systems; 3) collaborate with a non-MCHB-funded MCH SPH Program in the development of MCH Scholars and provision of Title V/MCH-focused continuing education (CE) and technical assistance (TA); 4) collaborate with other MCHB-funded SPH Training Programs in the development of a cadre of MCH Scholars and provision of Title V/MCH-focused CE and TA; 5) collaborate with other AL-based MCHB-funded Training Programs to enhance MCH systems through the provision of academic training, CE and TA; 6) provide Title V/MCH program-targeted CE and TA to enhance MCH systems; and 7) conduct research and other scholarly activities to develop and disseminate new knowledge related to MCH population health, services, and policies. Specific and measurable objectives guide the activities that will help the MCHPLP meet its goals. In summary, diverse on-campus and on-line trainees will complete CEPH-accredited MPH and DrPH programs, engaging in courses and activities related to leadership, Title V/MCH-related programs, and other core MCH issues. Existing (AL and MS) and new Title V/MCH partners (KY and TN) will be engaged to develop and implement a work plan related to CE and TA. Our partnership with other MCH programs, both MCHB-funded and non-funded, will create opportunities for current and future MCH professionals to connect, engage fully in the academic-practice partnerships, and enhance the future of MCH. Students and faculty will contribute to the body of MCH knowledge through excellence in research and scholarly practice.


The MCHPLP will provide didactic and experiential training; collaborate with Title V/MCH programs to enhance GE, assess and conduct CE and TA; provide leadership to work with other MCHB assets and non-MCHB programs; and disseminate relevant research and scholarly practice. The MCHPLP will also engage in the MCH Postdoctoral Enhancement program.


The MCHPLP will collaborate with Title V/MCH programs and coordinate activities with existing and proposed MCHB assets and other relevant partners.


Evaluative measures monitor activities through student and faculty databases and documents, alumni surveys, program documentation, and CE evaluation tools.