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Grant Status: Active

Grant Title: Clinic in the Park: One Stop Shop for Health

Web Site: Volunteer Center of Greater Orange County Project Exit Disclaimer

Project Director(s):

Phyllis Agran Agran, MD
Volunteer Center of Greater Orange County
Santa Ana, CA
Phone: (714) 744-0776
Email: pagran@aap.net


Clinic in the Park provides direct medical/dental services; health screenings; enrollment in health insurance; connections to social services/community resources; and health promotion tools/strategies. Our focus is on underserved families who cannot afford/access preventive care.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Provide OC children & families free/low-cost access to health services in community-based settings via existing private/public programs, with special attention to local implementation of the ACA. Objective 1: Increase the number of Orange County children, 0-12 years and their families accessing Clinic in the Park for 1) enrollment in health insurance and other social services; 2) medical and dental homes, 3) clinical health and preventive services, from baseline of 2000 Year 1 by 100% to 4000 by Year 5. Goal 2: Provide venue(s) where community health orgs., public/private & academic institutions/orgs. & individuals collaborate to provide services in a fixed location & time, accessible to the community. Objective 1: Form a strong, stable and sustainable Collaborative of at least 25 organizations to deliver, evaluate and advise on services by Year 5. Goal 3: Develop the Clinic in the Park as a sustainable integral community service to achieve a collective impact on individual and community health. Objective 1: Pilot a satellite mini clinic in a neighboring community (Years 2-5).


Develop agreements for mobile medical services, vision screening & for mental health screening/services and developmental assessments. Hire Registered Dietitian to develop, implement, evaluate healthy eating/obesity prevention program. Develop Adventure Farm Tour as part of Healthy Eating Station. Conduct monthly Clinics, add group health chats with health professionals. (Year 1-5). Goal 2 Activities: Months 1-60: Conduct collaborative/advisory meetings to assess & evaluate clinics. Evaluate meetings, attendees & topics. Use traditional/social media, web & community presentations for Clinic promotion. Modify Business Plan (phase implantation of plan by Year 1) -- fund development, outreach, marketing, communications & branding. Redevelop website. Team Building, Staff development activities. (Month 6-36). Implement a min. of 20 Collaborator forums for quality evidence-based community strategies for child health. (Months 6-60). Create Clinic in the Park "how to manual" as model for other communities/parks. (Year 5). Submit at least 3 grants per year. (Years 1-5). Goal 3 Activities: Identify location for mini clinic. (Years 2). Develop partners, plan for implementation and evaluation. (Years 2-3). Implement & evaluation a min. of 3 pilot clinics (Years 4-5). Increase number of languages of media materials by Year 2.5. Pilot transportation plan from Family Resource Centers, Title 1 Schools & other community orgs. by Year 2-3.


OC Health Care Agency. David Nunez, MD, Dir. Family Med. is on Advisory Committee, an AAP member, a CDRT member & works with us on addressing local child health needs. Steve Wirtz, PhD, State DPH, Chief Epidemiology, PI CDC Essentials for Childhood CA provides data, guidance & will work on Infant Safe Sleep, child abuse/neglect & addressing risk factors. Marc Lerner, MD, OC Dept of Ed provides services at the Clinic, is a consultant & guides integrating health needs of schools & our Clinic pop.


The goals and objectives are measured by our tracking systems which include 1) visitor and collaborator evaluations, 2) "passports" of services received, 3) needs assessments, 4) manual people counters, 5) pre/post assessments 6) number of health related items distributed; and 7) number transported to the Clinic from underserved communities. Revenue including in-kind goods and services, number of health professional students trained and new Clinic collaborators/services are tracked.

Experience to Date:

Piloted 7 satellite Clinics in Tustin, Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Costa Mesa. Established regular schedule for Clinic in the Park at Madison Park, Tustin, Anaheim and Costa Mesa Selected as an Innovation Challenge Finalist in the Let's Get Healthy California Goal Area of "Redesigning the Health System" 1/16/16 4,000 visitors; 17,000 services (2015) Logged 3088 volunteer hours in (2015) Visit on 6/15/15 Clinic by Melissa Stafford Jones, Regional Director, Region IX, US HHS. New Collaborators: Madison Park Neighborhood Association and School, Hoag Center for Community Health, Newport-Mesa USD, Community Action Partnership of Orange County, Collaboration to Assist Motel Families, Veeh Elementary School, Project Access Conducted needs assessments at satellite locations. Over 65% of the families have an annual income of less than $24,000 per year, need multiple Clinic services. Hired Clinic Manager with extensive experience in program development, delivery and research/evaluation in the target Hispanic communities Presentations at national American Academy of Pediatrics, Safe Kids Global, Institute of Clinical and Translational Science Research Day, UCI Exercise Medicine & Sport Sciences Initiative and Let's Get Healthy California Innovation Conference 2016.

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