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Providence Little Company of Mary's Partners For Healthy Kids: Preteen And Teen Immunization (PATI) Project

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Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Healthy Tomorrows

Project Director(s):

Nancy Tsuyuki
Providence Little Company of Mary Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (310) 303-5082


This region, known as Los Angeles County Service Planning Area 8 (SPA 8) suffers from disproportionately lower rates of adolescent (age 11-17) vaccine compliance among preteens/teens as compared to LA County, State, and National statistics. The PATI project is a community and physician/provider focused intervention designed to increase vaccine compliance in preteens/teens. The project design is based on extensive research of best practices and will include use of Immunization Information Systems, client reminder and recall systems, and a multicomponent program in schools and community.

Goals and Objectives:

The goal of Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Centers' Partners For Healthy Kids Preteen And Teen Immunization (PATI) project is to increase compliance with recommended HPV and Meningococcal vaccines among preteens and teens. Preteens/teens that reside in low-income, underserved communities in the southernmost communities of Los Angeles County will be targeted. The project objectives provide 4 measurable outcomes as a result of the project. The first 3 deal with behavior changes in terms of improved vaccine compliance; the 4th objective deals with outcomes related to improved partnerships. Objective 1: By 2020, to increase the number of adolescents (age 11-17) who receive their first HPV immunization over the 2014 baseline, by 30%. Objective 2: By 2020, to increase the number of adolescents (age 11-17) who complete the HPV series over the 2014 baseline, by 25%. Objective 3: By 2020, to increase the number of adolescents (age 11-17) who receive the meningococcal vaccine over the 2014 baseline, by 30%. Objective 4: By 2020, to increase the number of multi-sector partners by 50% (with pediatricians, other medical providers, faith based organizations, clinic medical staff, etc.) within the South Bay region of Los Angeles County that promote immunizations among parents, preteens/teens, and other medical providers.


Program includes free on-site vaccines via Los Angeles County's Vaccine For Children Program at middle schools, high schools, and Federally Qualified Health Centers; development of a "Vaccine Team" -- a multi-sector cadre of physicians, pediatric primary care providers, and other stakeholders who become advocates, champions, and spokespersons who promote vaccine compliance; and local community campaign through which the Vaccine Team can promote vaccine compliance. By utilizing vaccine champions to promote vaccine use and providing targeted outreach and education to youth who need the vaccine, the PATI project will address the most cited success factors to immunization compliance: physician recommendation and parental knowledge and awareness about the need for these two vaccines.


Over the program period, the project will immunize 3,500 preteens and teens, thereby reducing their risk of mortality and/or morbidities associated with HPV and meningococcal/meningitis infections.

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