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Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Healthy Tomorrows

Grant Title: SPPS Healthy Tomorrows

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Project Director(s):

Mary Yackley
Saint Paul Public Schools
Saint Paul, MN  55102
Phone: 651-767-8380


Of the 38,000 students in Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS), 73% are eligible for free or reduced price lunch, 77% are students of color, 33% are English Language Learners, 17% receive special education services, and 18-20% have chronic health conditions. The purpose of the Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) Healthy Tomorrows project is to improve learning and safety for SPPS students with chronic conditions by increasing competency and coordination in the care we provide for these students.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Comprehensive implementation of the proven, evidence-based Healthy Learner Model for Student Chronic Condition Management. The Healthy Learner Model is an evidence-based, coordinated effort to optimize the health status and support the academic success of children with chronic conditions. This model increases collaboration with parents/guardians and health care providers, increases consistency in school nursing practice, and increases knowledge of school nurses. SPPS has used this model to successfully improve health outcomes for students, particularly with regard to asthma and diabetes. The SPPS Healthy Tomorrows project will expand this model by introducing a comprehensive review process for components of care for asthma, food allergy/anaphylaxis, diabetes, hearing loss, ADHD, and mental health, as well as staff support in both group and one-to-one settings. Goal 2. Sustaining and utilizing a (new) Healthy Learner Advisory Board with diverse representation from school nurses and personnel, community organizations and resources, health care providers (school-based clinic and local pediatric hospital), public health, and parents. The Advisory Board will provide comprehensive input on best practices and trends to update components of care and shape professional development for nursing staff. Goal 3. Expand care management capacity through 100% conversion to an electronic Pupil Health Record so that health data is accessible to appropriate staff across the district.


The school district will hire a Chronic Disease Management Nurse Coach and an Electronic Pupil Health Record Nurse Coach who will provide initial training and ongoing support for health office staff. The indicators of success for this project are: --By 2020, 90% of staff are proficient in all Healthy Learner Model components of care. --By 2020, 100% of staff are proficient with Electronic Pupil Health Record management. --By 2020, student absences due to chronic health conditions will decrease by 25%.