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Grant Status: Active

Training Category: LEND

Grant Title: The LEND Center at the University of Pittsburgh

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Project Director(s):

Miya Asato, MD
Project Director
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
3414 Fifth Avenue
Oakland Medical Building
Pittsburgh, PA  15213
Phone: 412-692-6300 F


The prevalence of children and adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities or autism related disorders is increasing. Within a life course model, early screening, diagnosis and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is vital so that early evidence-based interventions can be applied. We aim to mentor a new generation of leaders in the field of disabilities who have an increased capacity to evaluate; diagnose or rule out; and provide evidence-based interventions to individuals with ASD. Sickle cell disease (SCD), Fragile X, and audiology are additional areas of specific clinical training. By focusing on a subset of neurodevelopmental disabilities and chronic medical conditions, students learn to apply concepts across populations, while obtaining an understanding of the unique needs of individual children and their families.

Goals and Objectives:

To provide intensive interdisciplinary leadership education that is family-centered and culturally sensitive, and to disseminate information to a regional, national, and international audience. We will enroll 17 funded long term trainees; 1 fellow, 11 unfunded intermediate term trainees in research, clinical, or community practicums; and 15 students in faculty sponsored courses per year. We will continue to build well-established community partnerships and will disseminate information locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.


Our diverse faculty provides courses and direct supervision of our trainees. Students participate in development and dissemination of materials (i.e., ASD, audiology, SCD) with faculty. Additional learning tools include our Families as Mentors program, community partnership projects, supervised interdisciplinary clinical experiences, and an intentional leadership curriculum. The faculty individualizes programs in research, advocacy, and clinical practice for trainees which are reflected in trainees' Individual Learning Plans.


We maintain close relations with the Pittsburgh Autism Treatment Network (ATN), Autism Center of Excellence in Pittsburgh, CHP Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program, the University of Pittsburgh Integrated Social Work Health Certificate Program funded through HRSA, and the Allegheny County Health Department, the State Title V program.


Student and project activity data related to each project objective are regularly collected and analyzed in relationship to project targets. Project also collects and reports MCH Discretionary Grant Performance Measures and other required MCH tracking data.