Funded Projects

Grant Status: Active

Training Category: LEND

Grant Title: Hawaii MCH LEND Program

Project Director(s):

Louise Kido Iwaishi, MD
Project Director
John A. Burns School of Medicine
Department of Pediatrics
University of Hawaii
1319 Punahou Street, Rm 745
Honolulu, HI  96826-1072
Phone: 808-255-5915 F

Goals and Objectives:

NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED: In Hawai?i health care disparities are of concern for children with neurodevelopmental and related disorders and their families. Health professional shortages continue to be unmet, while simultaneously health care transformation is requiring traditional providers to acquire new skills as well as interdisciplary knowledge. Hawai?i needs more professionals, trained in new ways to meet these needs of children and families. Increasing identification of children with Autism is taxing an already limited provider base. Lack of contiguous connection between Hawaiian Islands and also Pacific Territories and Jurisdictions, significantly limits access to continuing education and consultation for Title V workforce in the Region. PROPOSED SERVICES: All of the needs identified speak to the solution of providing an innovative leadership program providing pre- and post-service training. To accomplish this, the Hawai?i MCH LEND Program sets out to accomplish the following: Goal 1: To develop leaders for Hawaii's health services system to serve CYSHCN. Obj 1.1: Recruit and select at least 12 long-term, 5 medium-term and 40 short-term trainees who will complete the HIMCHLEND curriculum. Timeframe: Y1-Y5. Obj 1.2: All trainees will participate in project-based interdisciplinary academic, clinical, and community-based curriculum with an emphasis on Autism screening, diagnosis, intervention, and systems evaluation. Timeframe: Year Y1-Y5. Goal 2: Provide a mechanism to expand the clinical expertise and leadership skills of other professionals to serve diverse populations represented in Hawai?i. Obj 2.1: Host 3 visiting LEND and other MCH training program trainees annually to participate in an array of community-based experiences in Autism, Diversity and working in rural communities. Timeframe: Year Y1-Y5. Obj 2.2: Provide annual short-term training academy to develop increased competence in Care Coordination. Timeframe: Year Y1-Y5. Goal 3: To provide workforce development training, technical assistance, and consultation opportunities to Title V staff throughout Hawai?i and the Pacific Territories and Jurisdictions. Obj 3.1: Develop a Workforce Development Learning Collaborative amongst the Region IX Pacific Islands. Obj 3.2: Implement continuing education for the collaborative annually through webinar and face-to-face delivery. Timeframe: Y1-Y5. POPULATIONS SERVED: children and youth with neurodevelopmental disorder and autism, in particular on neighbor islands and rural Oahu. Title V program staff in Hawai?i, Republic of Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands will also be served.