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Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Healthy Tomorrows

Grant Title: Engaging Caregivers, Children and Adolescents in Managing Asthma

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Project Director(s):

Kemi Alli, MD
Henry J. Austin Health Center, Inc.
Trenton, NJ
Phone: (609) 278-5909


Based on a report released in 2014 by the New Jersey Department of Health, approximately 9.1% of New Jersey children (188,000) currently have asthma. New Jersey children under five years of age experience the highest emergency department and hospitalization rates for asthma when compared to all other age groups. Emergency department (ED) visit rate for blacks was 4.7 times that of whites, and for Hispanics was 1.5 times that of non-Hispanics. The city of Trenton alone accounted for 76.4% of ED visits in Mercer County or an Asthma ED visit rate of 2,430/100,000 vs. 729 for the county and 579 for the state from 2008-2012. Henry J. Austin Health Center (HJAHC) treated 525 children for intermittent or persistent asthma in 2015 (UDS report).

Goals and Objectives:

The goals of the proposed project are to: to improve the quality of life for five hundred Asthmatic children, adolescents and their families by increasing the number of their symptom free days during the course of this five year project; to improve the ability of families and adolescent Asthmatics participating in this project to manage their (child's) Asthma by increasing caregiver/adolescent activation and; to foster collaborative partnerships and create an Asthma Learning Network for Asthmatic families and community stakeholders.


The purpose of this proposed project is to improve the outcomes by incorporating innovative new components that build upon the existing successful Pediatric Asthma program, called AIM (Asthma Improves with Management). The AIM program provides comprehensive, pediatric Asthma intervention strategies, case management and education to high risk, underserved families in a culturally sensitive manner, in the city of Trenton. The AIM program provides families with education, resources and support as they learn to control and manage their child's Asthma. The pediatric AIM services are provided for all HJAHC pediatric patients at the four HJAHC sites. The proposed project involves adding five new innovative components to the AIM program, which includes the following: Behavioral Health Counselors working in a team based approach along with the ANE in an integrated care setting, The Patient Activation Measure (PAM), a pioneering and evidenced based assessment tool which includes a Coaching for Activation tool from Insignia, A Community Health Worker (CHW) to expand case management, enhance patient support services and provide outreach services, Sense Health, the ingenious technology known to improve patient engagement and communication and Telehealth, to increase access to scarce but much needed pediatric pulmonology specialty services.


HJAHC has been fortunate to secure additional funds through private foundation partnership with the Horizon Foundation of New Jersey. Funds from the Horizon Foundation will supplement this project. This along with HJAHC's in-kind contributions more than fulfills the 2:1 non-federal program matching requirement in years two through five of the project period.


HJAHC has a robust Continuous Quality Performance and Risk Management Plan with technical support to track and trend data and measures over time. The University of Chicago Grant Title: Building Primary Care Capacity for the Management of Complex Pediatric Asthma in Underserved Communities on the South Side of Chicago