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Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Healthy Tomorrows

Grant Title: Intensive Family Services Program

Web Site: Youth and Family Services, Inc. Project Exit Disclaimer

Project Director(s):

W. Burke Eilers
Youth and Family Services, Inc.
Rapid City, SD
Phone: (605) 342-4789


The Rapid City Systems of Care Collaborative, which includes Youth & Family Services and other primary behavioral health service providers, has a mission to transform systems in partnership to reach individual families' goals -- "One Family, One Team, One Plan." The Intensive Family Services Program will serve families in the Rapid City area in western South Dakota, primarily low-income and American Indian families, whose children have behavioral health issues and have been approved or recommended for out-of-home placement (including residential psychiatric treatment, juvenile justice, or alcohol/drug treatment facilities).

Goals and Objectives:

The ultimate goal of the Intensive Family Services Program is to increase the number of families who develop the skills necessary to maintain a healthy, safe, nurturing, and stable family environment and reduce the number of children and youth with behavioral health needs that require residential placement. The Intensive Family Services Program will show that partnering with families successfully affects family systems changes, improves family members' healthy behaviors, and reduces out-of-home placements. The program also will show that this holistic family systems change approach is more cost effective and results in more long-term positive outcomes for the target population and the community than residential care.


Youth & Family Services (YFS) Counseling Center, Rapid City, SD, will expand the Intensive Family Services program to provide early intervention and intensive, family-driven wraparound services in the Rapid City Metropolitan Statistical Area for youth and their families who are at-risk for entering the juvenile justice system or residential drug/alcohol treatment. The project will serve up to an additional 30 targeted children per year and up to 60 siblings and other family members each year.


Taking an integrated systems approach, the program will coordinate a holistic set of services to improve family functioning and keep the children in their home. The menu of services includes counseling; access to health care services and establishing medical, dental, and mental health homes; advocacy/coaching; life skills education; youth development programming; academic support; parenting classes; prevention education; financial education; and other related support. The program is designed to maximize family involvement, meet previously unmet needs, improve community-based systems, reduce costs, improve family and child function, and increase access to preventive health care. The program centers on family/professional partnerships, shared decision-making, and family-centered care.