Funded Projects

Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Healthy Tomorrows

Grant Title: The Teen Xpress Healthy Me Wellness Program

Web Site: Orlando Health, Inc. Project Exit Disclaimer

Project Director(s):

Rita Vento
Orlando Health, Inc.
Orlando, FL
Phone: (407) 317-7430


Aligning with its mission to advocate for and respond to the needs of children in Central Florida who have medical, emotional and developmental challenges, especially those related to child abuse and neglect, the Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families (HPC) proposes a unique continuum of healthcare and fitness for uninsured/underserved adolescents who attend high-need secondary schools under its parent nonprofit hospital system, Orlando Health (OH).

Goals and Objectives:

The proposed initiative will address the continuous rise of obesity among youth and its impact on health through: (1) preventive nutrition education and coaching, (2) family-centered case management, (3) weekly access to high-quality healthcare on mobile clinics, and; (4) an innovative online platform to be designed and implemented that will encourage healthy lifestyles when students are not in school, along with; (5) an array of daily fitness activities provided by ASAS.


The initiative will optimize the health and well-being of 250 adolescents over the five years using an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary approach that is culturally and linguistically competent and which will demonstrate potential replicability upon its evaluation. This initiative will support services provided by a registered dietician (RD), two case managers and program manager.


The program focus of this initiative is Teen Xpress (TX) along with its established partners, Orange County Public Schools and the City of Orlando's After-School All-Stars Program (ASAS).


Its multidisciplinary approach will empower teens living in poverty with access to evidence-based, high quality care, linking families to local resources and increasing knowledge to influence healthy behaviors and attitudes.