Funded Projects

Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Collaborative Office Rounds

Grant Title: South Carolina - Collaborative Office Rounds (SC-COR)

Project Director(s):

Jennifer Poon, MD
Medical University of South Carolina
135 Rutledge Avenue
Charleston, SC  29425
Phone: 843-876-1516


There is an increasing number of children and youth needing behavioral/mental health and developmental services and an insufficient number of places to send them. Pediatricians need more education and encouragement to treat these conditions, as there will never be enough behavioral/mental health specialists to fulfill the need. Screening for these problems allows practitioners to provide assessment, intervention, and treatment before minor issues become major ones.

Goals and Objectives:

(1) Promote continuing education and peer supervision for a group of pediatric primary care and behavioral/mental health providers to review childhood and adolescent emotional, social, developmental, and behavior problems that may present to Primary Care settings. (2) Provide education on methods to address health disparities of patients and families, enhance cultural competence of attendees, and facilitate discussions on strategies for coordinated family centered care. (3) Enhance the ability to evaluate, triage, and manage children with behavioral, developmental, and mental health issues in primary and specialty care settings. (4) For attendees to disseminate information learned from the group to other professionals that have opportunities to address the medical and mental health needs of children.


(1) In person and web based teleconferencing group format using pediatric and mental health practitioners collaboratively discussing cases, utilizing formal didactic readings and topics focused on family-centered care. (2) Guest speakers will have expertise in the provision of culturally competent health care and unique expertise pertinent to discussions. (3) Diverse group members and consultants, reflecting the patient population served, will be recruited and retained. (4) Texts addressing the common psychosocial issues facing pediatric practitioners will be provided and studied, i.e. DSM 5, Bright Futures, and American Academy of Pediatrics Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Primary Care.


Coordination planned with (1) SC LEND; (2) Greenville Health Systems; (3) University of South Carolina School of Medicine; (4) SC MCH Title V; (5) AHEC SCHOOLS program; (6) SC Dept of Mental Health; and (7) Dept of Disabilities and Special Needs.


Attendance, yearly pre- and post-test, and quarterly brief question/answer surveys and dissemination of information.