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Leadership Education in Adolescent Health Training Project

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Grant Status: Active

Training Category: LEAH

Project Director(s):

Charles E Irwin, Jr., MD
University of California, San Francisco
LH 245, Box 0503
San Francisco, CA  94143
Phone: 415-502-7885


Adolescents and young adults' (AYA) health needs require an interdisciplinary work force that is responsive to emerging problems and provides innovative approaches to help young people succeed as they transition to adulthood. Prevention & intervention efforts have helped to improve AYA health in some areas, yet many young people require health professionals who can work collaboratively to assist with their transition into adolescence & young adulthood. Based in California with a diverse & underserved population, our leadership training project provides an ideal training site to develop leaders who will be able to respond to emerging issues.

Goals and Objectives:

Our goals & objectives are to: (1) Recruit and train diverse trainees to become MCH leaders in A&YA health across the 5 core MCH disciplines & Public Health that incorporates the MCH leadership competencies & reflects MCH Strategic Plan goals; (2) Develop an implement an interdisciplinary leadership curriculum; (3) Provide Innovative Leadership in Interdisciplinary Clinical Care that is Adolescent Centered & Family Engaged; (4) Strengthen the capacity of clinical & non clinical systems of care through collaboration & coordination; (5) Strengthen MCH Programs through, CE, Consulting & TA focusing on the MCH Transformation; and 6) Advance the MCH knowledge base and skills through research embedded in clinical, community & public health settings with translation & dissemination. HP 2020 Objectives: Our focus will be on Adolescent Health Core Objectives: AH-1 -- AH-11.


We work with Title V Programs at the local, state, regional and national level in to maximize our resources and the California Collaborative, State Adolescent Health Coordinators and the Adolescent & Young Adult Health National Resource Center. METHODS: We shall train at least 10 long term trainees, 50 medium term and 200 short-term trainees each year through a core curriculum driven by an Individualized Development Plan, the Life Course Model with 5 cores. Services at UCSF and in the Community will provide training and a transition service for YSHCN will be developed. Our research & training incorporates the HP 2020 concepts & evidence-based science. Our Collaboration/Coordination engages Title V partners; Our TA& CE program works with local, state, regional & national MCH efforts


We track our graduates with the an annual NIRS Survey, our clinical activities through the demographics of whom we serve, our research through publications and extramural resources and our TA and CE by the numbers who participated in our programs.

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