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Funded Projects

Gallatin County Wellness Center Capacity Building Partnership

Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Healthy Tomorrows

Project Director(s):

Angie Hampton
Egyptian Public and Mental Health Department
Eldorado, IL  62930
Phone: 618-273-3326


a) lack of family resources of the constituents due to poverty,

b) shortage of trained healthcare provider workforce,

c) high behavioral health needs among school going K-12 children and adolescent population and their families, and

d) lack of integrated health care provisions that could address physical, mental, social and emotional health among children and adolescents and their families served directly by the school-based health center.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: To provide Increased access to integrated primary care and behavioral health for underserved populations during the five years course of the proposed project.

Objective 1a: to identify and increase referral networks with community partners.

Objective 1b: to increase availability of providers and opening for walk-ins and telepsychiatry.

Objective 1c: to increase and snowball community outreach from the school to the community.

Goal 2: To increase primary and behavioral health screening protocols to facilitate early identification and intervention.

Objective 2a: To expand Bright Futures.

Objective 2b: To introduce screening for suicidal ideation, self-harm, comorbidities and behavioral health issues.

Goal 3: To develop a strategic plan to improve upon the level of integrated healthcare from Level 2 to Level 5 as per the Center for Integrated Health Standards (CIHS). Objective 3a: To create a structured communication protocol between primary care (including oral care), school, and the behavioral health care in the same facility. Objective 3b: To improve care coordination services, increase in the frequency of communication through advisory board, new protocols, merging electronic health records and introducing team-based care models.


This project will recruit a Care Coordinator who would also be a clinician, create an Advisory Board with participation from clients, expanding Bright Futures, use Telepsyche and walk-in to outreach services in wider areas, coordinate care and integrate the system through structural changes for integrated health services at the integrated health services at the Center.


The proposed new intervention aims to introduce a new set of measures for care coordination, invest in personnel and infrastructure creation that will move the needle from a current level 3 co-located care to a true level 6 integrated care.


The preliminary evaluation plan will assess 1) the extent to which the program objectives have been met, and 2) the extent to which these can be attributed to the project. There are process, utilization, and outcome measures that will contribute to the evaluation. Both quantitative and qualitative data will inform the evaluation process.

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