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Funded Projects

OneWorld Community Health Centers Healthy Tomorrows

Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program (HTPCP)

Project Director(s):

Andrea Skolkin
OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.
4920 South 30th Street, Suite 103
Omaha, NE  68107
Phone: 402-502-8842


Youth from low-income and Hispanic households who attend Bryan and South High Schools in South Omaha, Nebraska live in environments that negatively affect their physical and mental health as well as their academic success. These youth do not receive medical or behavioral care, because their families are poor, uninsured or underinsured and their parents may not understand the need for behavioral health care or know where or how to access care.

Goals and Objectives:

The goal of this project is to promote and increase access to primary and preventive medical care, behavioral health care and social work services for underserved youth. The project proposes to reach significant numbers of youth at South Omaha's two largest high schools to positively impact individual and population health. OneWorld Community Health Centers (OneWorld) and its collaborators will provide a deliberate and timely response to youth at high, moderate and low risks of harm to themselves or others. The objectives show a commitment to long-term change through a reduction in the total number of youth at risk of harm as well as increases in access to care at a health care home.


OneWorld and Omaha Public Schools will administer the standardized and validated Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventative Services - Public Health version (RAAPS-PH) to all consenting students at Bryan and South High Schools. A behavioral health therapist supported with project funds will provide care and connect youth with risk behaviors that threaten their overall health and academic success and their families to needed care and academic supports using prevention strategies for at-risk youth and their families.


OneWorld coordinate with diverse public and private sector stakeholders including youth, families, funders, Omaha Public Schools, South Omaha Community Care Council, Nebraska Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other agencies including Methodist Community Counseling, Project Harmony, Midlands Mentoring Partnership, and Women's Center for Advancement who reflect the cultural, racial, linguistic and geographic diversity of the target population.


OneWorld will evaluate increases in access to health care and preventive services for youth and families in South Omaha's underserved communities and improvement in health status through short-term outcomes such as the number of all youth screened as well as and the number of at-risk youth and families who subsequently receive care or services. OneWorld will also measure long-term outcomes such as a reduction in the number of youth at high risk for harm as well as increases in the numbers of youth and families who receive subsequent care.